2013 Rome Shank Used and Reviewed

Who says Hip Hop is dead? Well the Shank has a graphic inspired theme that says certain things are dead. Now that the new thing is making boards people can downsize on and still send it Rome built the Shank. With a slew of tech and some other marketing bull shit poured in for good measure here’s how this board stacks up.

Board: Rome Shank

Size: 149

Camber Option: No Hang Ups. It’s flat till 20mm’s before the end of the running length then it has a concave base. They call it the No-hang-ups diamond so picture a diamond on the base that’s flat the areas outside of the diamond are where the concave are.

Bindings: Rome 390 Boss

Stance: 22.5 wide 18 negative 15 goofy.

Boots: K2 UFO Size 10

My Weight: 165

Resort: Keystone and Breckenridge

Conditions: Sunny blue skies with pristine parks and fresh corduroy.

Flex: I would call it perfect park flex that it lets you do everything while not lending itself to being too soft or too stiff. Little bit more play in the tips while being super solid under foot.

Stability: This is the thing that blew me away for being a 149 I was not expecting the board to be able to charge through any choppy terrain or crusty shit. That was not a problem at all and this board is meant to be ridden smaller than you would.

Ollies: The single barrel Hot Rod (carbon fiber rod in the tip just outside the insert pack) gives you enough snap to get up on urban rails.

Pop On Jumps: Something you don’t have to worry about but the smaller size might make you feel like you’re riding skateboarding mega ramp.

Butterability: Playful tips allow you to press into anything on snow outside of where the Hod Rod is.

Jibbing: I think this is where it really excels as a board though due to being skate inspired. You can press and slide anything in front of you and it’s great. I was riding around Breck’s Parklane and Keystones A-51 just like I would on a skateboard playing on features and having fun.

Carving: Don’t let it’s skate inspired nature fool you this board can carve. I was ripping turns and felt locked in perfectly.

Rider in Mind: The park guy that rides the mountain like a skatepark and wants a deck they can size down with.

Personal Thoughts: This thing blew my mind that I could hit all the features I normally would but with a 149 and not feel like I was going to die. The skate inspired design with that No-hang-ups diamond just makes this board overly fun for playing around hitting side hits, doing hot laps with friends, jibbing, jumping, pipe might be it’s downfall. Plus the graphic is hilarious Biggie and Tupacs skulls and Death of Hip Hop on the base.

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  1. Jon K says:

    How does is stack up to the Nug?

  2. Jon K says:

    Ok, and after I wipe the cum off, how is the Shank superior to the Nug?

  3. Simple it rides better because you actually have a nose and tail due to not down sizing 10cm’s. The Nug is a complete novelty.

  4. mikey says:

    what do you think about the shank as an every day deck for a small resort (holiday valley)???

  5. Joe D says:

    Rome Tour was another board I had my eye on, thinking the Shank was too soft for everyday riding. I guess not.

    The shank has a sintered base which is cool (Tour extruded).

  6. Mikey you should be fine for the Valley on a Shank. If I still lived back there it would be a top contender for me.

  7. Andy says:

    On the Rome catalog http://www.zuzupopo.com/xe/index.php?mid=catalog&category=48564&page=8&document_srl=48793 the only available sizes are 145 & 153 only?

  8. I have a 49 sitting here.

  9. Joe D says:

    How is the flex on this compared to the Westmark?

  10. It’s different two different carbon lay ups and two different camber profiles.

  11. chris says:

    Angry- have you ridden the hammerhead? Wanted to know how the butterout transition zones function on no hang ups vs. free pop. The butterout transitions zones are very noticeable (sick) on the Hammerhead….making pre spins legit…and over rotations no big deal. Hoping that the tech works as well on the no hang ups.

  12. That’s the one board I’m having a hell of a time getting my hands on to try.

  13. liam morrell says:

    Whats the shank like compared to the artifact (more detailed will help alot) thanks. :)

  14. It’s wider, has more pop, stiffer. The review says enough.

  15. Cody C says:

    Is this thing stable enough for all mountain? One board quiver?

  16. Ugh depends what you’re doing.

  17. Cody C says:

    Majority on groomers, quarter of the time in the park, some pow. Mostly groomers-

  18. Chris says:

    How would you compare the feel of no hang ups vs. jib pop? Does no hang ups provide an even looser, more skatey feel than jib pop?

  19. Think of it as their take on elevating the contact points while still having a flat spot on the board that comes to a point in the tip. This causes it to be loose when flat basing and trying to initiate edges where as Jib Pop just elevates the whole board but you can flatten it out with the weight of your body.

  20. pierce says:

    how tall are you pal?

  21. What does that have to do with anything?

  22. hayde89 says:

    Have you ridden the Burton superhero yet? It is basically the same concept. What do you think in comparison?

  23. I haven’t ridden it so can’t compare it.

  24. nate says:

    Okay so with everything being said that’s been said…. if they were going to give you 1 for keeps you would take the 149 over 153? That being asked by a person of similar size and board size preference.
    I was only going to get 1 for this year but I sure am intrigued after hearing so much good stuff.

  25. Eh it’s not so black and white.

  26. nate says:

    Right. I really do appreciate the response but let me add a little more detail to see if that changes anything. I have last year’s blacklist 54 still in rideable condition, and a new era 53 that should have been on my doorstep today. I ride mostly tow rope Parks and perfer jibing to jumping but do drop the 20ish foot jumps too. Hopefully that will give you a little more insight. And with all that considered would you just send the era back n ride the shank everyday? The idea of being able to ride a board that short sure sounds fun.

  27. If I was stuck riding a rope tow all day I’d go to the smallest board possible and pretend I was hitting the mega ramp on a skateboard.

  28. chad says:

    Hi, I am 6’1″ 190 lbs. I usually ride a 156 in a traditional camber board. The largest size in this board is 153 can I realistly ride this board and expect to have any control at while riding or should I look into the cross rocket .Your review of it sounds awesome! I want a board that will press well, pop well, and be able to rail a carve here and there. I know thats alot to expect from one board.

  29. I rode a 149 at 6′ and 165lbs and loved it I think you’ll be fine.

  30. Andrew says:

    Screw the Nug, long live the Shank! Nice review Angry.

  31. jezza says:

    hi, is a 145 too wide for a size 8 boot ?

  32. If your stance isn’t like 12 inches wide you should be fine.

  33. jezza says:

    cheers for the quick reply but not sure i undertand what your on about the 12 inches wide there though ?

  34. Chumdizz says:

    Hey just bought the shank 149. I wanted a Bataleon airobic 151, but the dude convinced me this was a better choice. Rode it for four hours on basically all mt conditions, no park stuff just high speed butters and pops. I need to reset my bindings in a tad cuz I felt like I was on the tip and tail, of course I just wanted to keep ridding. But I just want to make sure I made the right choice because I’ve heard good things about the bataleon

  35. You have it now go enjoy it and not give a shit about something else.

  36. Alex says:

    do you know how this compares to the Rome Postermania?
    I’m 5’10 and 155lbs looking for a jib & park (no pipe) board that won’t suck for back country… about:
    40% Jib/Rail
    30% Groomers
    20% Kickers
    10% Powder/Back Country

  37. Go ask yourself if you would want to ride a deck you drastically down size on in the backcountry then stare at the board, stare at the backcountry, and stare at yourself in the mirror. I’m sure the answer will surface.

  38. Alex says:

    righto. and the Postermania, any thoughts?

  39. Personally I’ve never liked it.

  40. stoogie says:

    hey peeps ..i have just done two weeks in the three valleys (france) ….i took two boards …an anthem 59 for the pow and a 153 shank

    the shank is un-real …i left a new artifact rocker 156 (usual size) at home as i was sure the shank would out perform …and it did

    we went for a ride around the groomers ..hit the park/s …and the shank was perfect …amazing at high speeds and fucking awesome in the park …no hang ups for me !….the crazy thing is i used the anthem for one day in the pow (tree runs also) and then we had a warm spell so i swapped back to the shank on the third day …..and never swapped back …i have had this board for 3 weeks and its a fucking swiss army board this plank will do anything !!… iam 6′ tall so i was a lil worried about using backcountry but it handled it no problem at all …lil more work on the back foot but it can boogie ….id recommend this board to anyone ..not just a park slag ……..one lil problem i split the board across the nose 2 days ago ….looks like a possible warranty but who knows ….whatever the outcome i will be buying another as its a beast !!
    peace !!

  41. Joe D says:

    I’m 140-145lb. Can get a great deal on a 149 but am thinking it’s a bit much for the intended purpose?

    Should I hold out for a 145?

  42. I think you’ll be fine if you’ve got a great deal in front of you snag it.

  43. amaru says:

    I went snowboarding last saturday and im totally hooked now. I’m looking to get my first board. Right now im not ready to commit to a certain discipline of snowboarding so i want something versatile. However, i did enjoy flatground ollieing and i guess simple carving. Would you recommend this board for me?

    I think what i worry most about this board is whether is too flexy for anything non-park/jib for a beginner

  44. jay-c says:

    how much would you pay for this board? might have a deal at hand.

  45. Amaru I would consider something else like maybe the Factory or Factory Rocker.
    Jay-C whatever the retail is.

  46. Adam says:

    I had the 155 rome reverb rocker wide. Great board
    But nose snapped on me one day in park. I’m
    Lookin on buyin the shank. If I get the 153
    Will boots hang over if I wear size 11.

  47. Regular Guy says:

    Hey Angry,

    I’m 6’6” and 240, do you think I’d be able to get crazy on a 153 Shank for strictly jibs/rails/buttering?

  48. Kling says:

    fucken rad

  49. Andrew says:

    For real?

  50. I do not lie the board is designed to be ridden by a bigger guy due to being wider and a little stiffer.

  51. Regular Guy says:

    I rode mine all day at Hunter on this past Sunday and freaking loved it, so jibby and it can even take speed/icy steeps.

  52. Chris says:

    149 or 153? Just riding at small resorts in Wisconsin, I’m 5’11 about 182lbs. I have an artifact rocker 156 right down and wanted something little smaller for park

  53. Pawel says:

    149 or 153 .. part 2 . Im 6’2 and 165lbs, board only for park use. Help Angry ?

  54. 49 more jibbing, 53 more jumping all around.

  55. HB says:

    Would this be a good board for indoor shredding or do you recommend another one? I am an intermediate rider, only doing small jumps (30 feet max) and rails. Will only use the board indoor.

    Do you know what the base manufacturer is? Reason for asking is I got a blacklist before but due to the dirty man made snow it became death slow after just an hour of riding while the NS revolver I had did not have that problem at all. As the indoor slope is not steep and very short (800ft) I need all the speed to be able to get to the landing of bigger jumps.


  56. There’s only two base manufacturers in the world. If you’re going slow WAX. Yeah this board wouldn’t be bad for indoor I guess.

  57. Kling says:

    I’m marking this day down on the calendar.

  58. Tony says:

    Pretty convincing review.. my question is about sizing, i weigh 145 with a size 9 boot and am looking at the 45 and 49 for the same price. can i get your take on it?

    Two things to take into consideration are 1) ill be using it as a quiver of one and 2) im on the east coast

  59. I prefer the 49 and I weigh more than you and have a bigger boot. Get the 45 hit a jump, scream WEEE, and pretend you’re on the mega ramp skateboarding.

  60. Tony says:

    Thanks a bunch!

  61. Vlas says:

    150 lbs, size 9 boot, i want this board for the uses you describe, but im torn between the 145 and the 149. Generally i prefer smaller boards. Any suggestions?

  62. I downsized to the 49 and I’m about 15 to 20lbs heavier than you. So if you want to downsize go for it!

  63. seanpaulsteak says:

    Found the 145 on a clearance sale at a local shop. I’m about 5’9 and 155 lbs, will this be doable for jibbing and medium sized jumps? I usually ride a 153 but have wanted to downsize.

  64. I wouldn’t recommend it.

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