2013 Rome Mod Rocker Used and Reviewed

This is one board I’ve wanted to ride since it’s inception. There was just something about it on paper that made it stand out as a board I could seriously destroy everything with. Finally able to test it on one of the better winter days in Breck allowed me to put it through the proper paces.

Board: Rome Mod Rocker

Size: 156

Camber Option: Freepop Rocker. Standard three stage rocker with a flat section going into a rockered zone.

Bindings: Rome 390 Boss

Stance: 18 negative 15 goofy 22.5 inches wide.

Boots: K2 UFO Size 10

My Weight: 165

Resort: Breckenridge

Conditions: Sunny bluebird park and pow laps on the most pristine of conditions.

Flex: The stiffer side of being a jump board making it far more versatile for all mountain playfulness. Less friendly for the jib kids.

Stability: It’s damp but still lively which makes it fun for charging whether it’s in chunder, pow, groomers, or dropping into an icy cheese wedge in the park.

Ollies: The Hot Rods which are carbon fiber hallowed out rods (think carbon fiber fishing rod) give this board amazing snap when cruising around the mountain. Load the nose or tail and you’re going to the moon easily.

Pop On Jumps: Hitting jumps this is what the board is seriously made for. There’s a reason Bjorn sends it on this deck. For the serious jump guy don’t worry about not being able to have some loft boost.

Butterability: The stiffer flex makes you have to work it a bit more even though it has rocker. There is a nice sweet spot that lets you play around. If anything I would say high speed butters are where it’s at.

Jibbing: Much like buttering you have to nail the sweet spot. For a serious jib kid you wouldn’t even bother looking at this board it’s too much board for that. Now for a guy doing slopestyle contests this board can handle those few rail/box tricks you need to do between jumps.

Carving: Lock it in and rip it. That’s the best way to describe the sidecut on this board. Leaving trenches on fresh corduroy is not a problem at all for this beast and icy pipe walls are not a problem.

Rider in Mind: The guy going to the big jump line or all mountain freestylist that wants a poppy slightly stiffer board that will let them stomp bigger cliffs.

Personal Thoughts: I had been told this was the deck to try for a more advanced all mountain freestyle stick. It definitely fit that bill it has some insane pop to a level that rivals other boards I’ve ridden in the past. Pow, park, cruising the mountain, playing on side hits, etc. etc. it does it all. Would I recommend this for everyone? Probably not as you have to be on top of it, but for an advanced rider that’s not afraid of a stiffer flex and a lot of pop certainly would be a contender.

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  1. Kling says:

    So I notice you describe some other boards in “this” way, “stiffer advanced jump board” and often wonder if my proto is too much board for me as well. I hit the medium and progressive jump lines but really dont need a board for the big ones. Don’t get me wrong I love the thing, but IF these boards ARE too much board for me…where do I go from here? I’m not a complete newb but I am an aging (36) intermediate.

  2. Every one of those boards can handle a solid intermediate for sure, personally I would drop down to something more like the Evo if I wasn’t sending anything over 30 feet. I think a lot of these boards get sold to people based off the hype and not the necessity of the rider which is somewhat sad.

  3. Mark says:

    Whens the NS Cobra review coming out? It’s between this, the SL and Cobra. Buddy of mine was riding this and was making switchback1s looks stupid cause of those pop-rods. It’s still pretty torsionally soft no? or was I too mellow that day… And could you elaborate on damp but still lively stability (what affects board stability vs board flex? width of the deck, sidecut? stiff deck makes it a stable board thats poppy? or is it not poppy cause you have to have conan legs to bend the board?)…seems to be the same verbiage for every board I’m lookin at.

  4. Eh the Cobra review will come out when it comes out I’m not pushing it ahead just because every fanboy with a Never Summer boner wants it. Stiffness doesn’t make a board stability dampening does and that can be any number of things from carbon array, aramid, kevlar, basalt, impact plates, core milling, to waist width. Pop comes from core profile, carbon placement, carbon rods, fiber glass, etc. etc.

  5. Kling says:

    Ty affirms what I thought, dont need to go Evo but after reading the last 2 seasons reviews it will be fun to shop for something comparable maybe from Arbor or Nitro or somethin.

  6. If you want something comparable from Arbor look at the Westmark/Blacklist.

  7. Ryan says:

    I’ve read both your reviews on this board (mod) and the endeavour live and have decided I’m gonna pick one or the other up this season.If you had to choose between the two which would you go for?

  8. Depends on what I’m doing.

  9. Ryan says:

    cool ….What if you were mostly in the park hitting every feature,shredding the whole mountain and needed one board for the season.Would you have a preference over the two then? What I gather from the reviews is they are both stiffer all mountain boards.Both are decent at carving and riding pow.The main difference being the live is a stronger jib board whereas the mod is better suited to jumps.Is that about right? Thanks!

  10. You pretty much nailed it. Me personally I’d go Endeavor only because I’m getting older.

  11. loudpipes says:

    I am an intermediate rider who is trying to find “the board for me”. As a person who has had the Anthem SS, the Mod, the Agent, and all with decent success, I am interested in the MOD rocker as I have never tried a rocker board at all. Knowing my interestes lay for the most part in playing around on the sides and bombing the mountaon as fast as I can, would you deter from the rocker or do you think it would be best suited for someone who likes to play around and bomb down the hill? I am not really into the big jumps, not quite there yet (and I am pushing 34 so not sure I care to destroy any more of my body than I already have, (insert crying sound here, wah!). What are your thoughts?

  12. I would get something softer.

  13. loudpipes says:

    Out of the Rome line-up, what would you suggest given what I have tried?

  14. Either a factory rocker or reverb rocker.

  15. slowturtles says:

    how does this compare to the arbor westmark for torsional flex and edge control?

  16. It’s stiffer and the edge initiates different due to not having 2 bumps under foot.

  17. Naaman says:

    I ride a 2012 Mod (regular camber) with 390 boss bindings and think it’s the holy grail of snowsticks, but I’m very tempted to try the rocker version out. The reg camber mod has so much pop I wouldn’t mind sacrificing a little for more float in pow and jibability.

    Great review!

  18. Nik says:

    How does the 2010 mod compare to the 2013 mod rocker in flex?Is /would it noticeable?

  19. Completely different boards.

  20. stowewrecka says:

    Hey, how would you compare this to a K2 fastplant…

  21. I really wouldn’t they’re two different boards, in the K2 line this would be more like the Happy Hour or something that’s more suited to big jumps. The Fastplant is going to flex more, have a different feel due to the bamboo, etc. etc.

  22. Geoff says:

    150 lbs, 5’7″… mostly high speed jumping all over mtn, spinning off everything, and backcountry hucking… 153 or 156? And raiden phantoms a good match?

  23. BC riding go bigger more resort riding go smaller. Bindings would work well in my opinion.

  24. SOC says:

    1 board that shreds all the mountain, park, piste.
    1 board that does it all… :)
    rome mod rocker OR burton custom flying v?
    What is your opnion?

  25. Haven’t been on a Custom in years so can’t really speak about that. But the Mod rocker fits what you want exactly.

  26. Hwa says:

    How does rome mod rocker compare to ride arcade ul? thanks…

  27. Read the reviews analyze for yourself.

  28. Jwa says:

    Ya I did, thank you for reviewing them both…they seem very similar…Rome a little more playful, and Ride with a little more pop…would you say Ride is more all mountain and Rome is more park?

  29. They’re both all mountain boards.

  30. larrylbt says:

    how would u say the mod rocker compares to a capita indoor FK if u have rode one???

  31. Haven’t ridden the Indoor FK.

  32. larrylbt says:

    ok , what makes this board more for the advanced riders, that a intermediate rider coulnt handle?? it harder to turn, land or what

  33. You answered your own questions.

  34. Ben says:

    Would the mod rocker or reverb rocker be better suited for me ? I spend about half the time in the park half on groomers (playing around and bombing) and occasional pow and in the park i hit about 60% jumps 40% jibs

  35. I would probably go Reverb.

  36. Tarun says:

    Hey! is there any difference in the 2012 mod rocker and the 2013 mod rocker?

  37. Think some kind of rod or something.

  38. Mike says:

    Hey, looking at this review and a lot more on the site.

    Looking for an All-Mountain board, 45% groomed, 45% trees,10% park. Looking to get into more of park this season. 5’6, 165, looking at the 153CM 2012 Rome Mod. Would you recommend it? Do you think it will be too hard to progress on? I’m a bit worried about you stating that it’s an advanced board.

  39. If you’re worried about it drop down to the Agent instead.

  40. 770 says:

    I just rode the ns cobra at a demo and loved it. How does this board compare for pop, weight, control, stiffness, dampening etc.

  41. More pop, lighter weight, not as dead, little more flexible, and control is all up to the rider.

  42. Colt says:

    How does this board compare to the proto ct?

  43. More snap, different sidecut, different edge hold, etc. etc.

  44. Colt says:

    Which board rides more damp and would handle off piste riding better? I do a lot of tree and natural terrain riding using the whole mountain as a park, hips, small drops, tree bonks, etc. Park is 10% of riding mostly jumps and hips

  45. Well if you want damp and dead go NS if you want poppy and lively go Mod.

  46. Shane says:

    I’ve been riding the agent for a few years now, and its by far my favorite board I’ve ridin. I like to chase pow, hit cliffs and when I ride park I’m in the intermediate. I’ve never ridin a rocker. Do you think I will be pleased with this board compared to the regular camber agent?

  47. It’s a little different but over all it’ll make pow chasing a lot easier.

  48. Shane says:

    Sorry should of included this but what about the speed? It there really that much of a difference? I’ve read multiple post about if you want to go fast don’t get the rocker?

  49. Probably written by idiots that have 5 days to ride a year and don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.

  50. Kai says:

    what is the difference between the 2011/12 and the 2012/13 model?

  51. Think it’s just the graphic.

  52. Kai says:

    thx, I hope you don’t mind if i ask another, probably stupid question, the last board i owned was a capita shapeshifter, and a capita speed tribe, which i rode for the past years, and i loved it. Sadly I broke both of them….Do you think the mod rocker would be a valid replacement? I tend to ride more the stiffer boards.

  53. Those boards weren’t stiff so you should be fine on the Mod.

  54. Kai says:

    Thank you :)

  55. luc says:

    Looking into this board to be my everyday deck… Want to replace the yes great beauties 155. What arr the differences you think I will feel? I weight 155 boot 9 and am looking into the 150 for lightness and quickness. Good sizing? How does it compares to the rrome agent? ThAnks!

  56. Well the camber profile will be the first one. The Mod Rocker will be more loose, then the sidecut will be different, and the flex pattern is going to be more playful. I would personally put you on a 53 instead but that’s me. The Agent is softer.

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