2013 Never Summer Proto CT Used and Reviewed

After the initial success of this board last season it’s no surprise that it returns unchanged for 2013. So for those of you that know Never Summers attention to detail and ability to make the most damp board on the planet it’s no surprise for you that this board is an all mountain killer in every conditions.

Board: Never Summer Proto CT

Size: 154

Camber Option: R.C. Technology. Reverse camber between the feet and camber under foot.

Bindings: Raiden Phantoms

Stance: 22.5 Wide 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Boots: K2 UFO Size 10

My Weight: 165

Resort: Breckenridge

Conditions: Sunny bluebird spring slush.

Flex: More towards all mountain and less towards park. Stiffer flex under foot with a bit of play in the dead center and in the tips.

Stability: It’s a Never Summer you know it’s going to be completely damp and stable as they’re not afraid to brag about that.

Ollies: This board has snap with the combo of the carbon fiber x and the camber under foot you can load it and pop off rollers.

Pop On Jumps: This board is designed for jumps and you don’t have to fear bigger jumps it won’t wash out.

Butterability: The stiffer flex requires a bit more effort but if you’re a confident rider you won’t have a problem with this.

Jibbing: The blunt shape in the tips lets you lock in real well on presses. Reverse between the feet helps you play around on flat bars and boxes. Over all it’s not meant for beginner jibbers but the guys that are riding at a higher caliber.

Carving: The Vario Power Grip gives you another contact point under both feet which lets you steer from there. This allows you to really grip on hard carves and feel locked in.

Rider in Mind: High end park rider that needs more stiffness out of their deck than the Evo would provide.

Personal Thoughts: Nothings really changed since last year in terms of how this rides. The carbon fiber array under foot looks different but the snap is still there. Riding in the death chunder this thing just plowed through it all and kept the vibrations to a minimum.

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  1. Joe D says:

    I see you’re using Raiden Phantoms a lot these past few reviews. Is it because you’re thoroughly testing them, or you like them. A lot.

  2. It’s because those are my personal bindings.

  3. Joe D says:

    That is pretty high praise then. I rode blackhawks and while I liked them, I thought I could use more dampening, interested in trying out the airbags on the Phantoms.

    Phantoms and Proto is a combo I’ve been looking at.

  4. Adolfo says:

    Its hard to describe the feeling I get everytime I look at Suzette (2013 proto) she’s my angel. Thank you never summer!! Keep on shredding thru life!

    Yours truly

    shred head GTX LLC

  5. david says:

    hey guys i really like this board but i dont know wether or not to get the 2012 model or the new 2013 model i really need help and i would like to know the difference besides the grafics

  6. david says:

    really i thought there would be r u sure because its a new model

  7. david says:

    and y isnt it on the never summer website

  8. 100% positive nothing changed except the graphics.

  9. david says:

    and y is it not up on the website yet

  10. david says:

    ya im not stupid i no its up there but the new one isnt

  11. Well then they haven’t updated it’s still August.

  12. david says:

    now that theve updated the site do you think the old 2011/2012 model will be cheaper then the new one!

  13. Brent says:

    yO Angrysnowboarder. I’ve done a lot of research for the board I’m looking to purchase this year. I’m near 99% sure going with the proto but I figured I would ask your opinion. I only started this past season.. I went 6 times.. but I caught on really quick. I can hit small jumps and rails and bomb from top to bottom. Im trying to find a board that can handle all mountain.. do decent in the park and decent at buttering or flat ground tricks. Being new I don’t know much about bindings and boots as far as the different types go. Do you have any suggestions for the riding style i described? Any info is greatly appreciated!

  14. Best boots the one that fits your foot. Bindings just match it to the boot and your style and you’ll be fine.

  15. 'T' says:

    Hi Angry Snowboarder.

    I’ve decided I want to purchase the Never Summer Proto CT 2013.

    Can you recommend what size I should get 154 or 157? My weight is 168lbs, height 5’9. I think I am on the cusp of either size. Been boarding three years now, getting up to very fasts speeds and hitting the parks as well.

    Also, can you confirm whether the K2 Cinch line (CTC/CTS/CTX) is compitable with this board? (I know some bindings are not compatible with all boards).

    It’s says at the top of this web page “Bindings: Raiden Phantoms” is this what you recommend

    All the 2012 Proto CT line got sold out online, if I could buy the 2012 edition I would. Can you recommend any websites that would still sell the 2012 line?

    Mr twenty million questions

  16. Alapca says:

    What your thoughts between the Proto and the Flow Shifty for someone who is more into jumps and halfpipe than boxes/rails?

  17. Get the Shifty it’s just a better built board.

  18. Jimi says:

    Hey there Mr. Angry. love your site and your reviews! you tell it how it is! anyway, been riding a NS Revolver for 2 seasons now, now into my 3rd season on it. and i totally love it and have zero complaints. ive always felt a lil better on shorter boards (6′, 215 lbs and i ride a 155), as i do a lot of freestyle and park riding. truly all mtn freestyle in that i use the entire mountain as my play place. but here lately, ive been questioning if i might excel more on a tad stiffer/longer board. So ive been looking at the Proto, and heres my question. If i were to add the Proto to my lineup, should i stay in the same 155/156 range or bump up to the 158? being the board is a lil stiffer, would going to the 158 seem like more of a major change, since id be addding length and stiffness?? your suggestion would be highly appreciated.

  19. You might notice a difference you might not depends on the type of rider you are and if subtle changes effect you. You’re adding 2 to 3cm’s of range depending on if you get the X or not. In my opinion not that big of a difference but noticeable. Personally I’d stay the same in length as that’s what my old intern did when he went from the Revolver to the Proto.

  20. Colt says:

    How does this board compare to the nitro team gullwing for aggressive freestyle mostly off piste riding.

  21. Colt says:

    Which board would you suggest that would fit my riding style? I ride mostly kirkwood riding ungroomed terrain and trees looking for natural park style features. We ride fast but still want the fun factor of pop and spins.

  22. What kind of shape are you looking for?

  23. Colt says:

    Hybrid, as pong as it holds an edge, handles chop, stable, pops ans spins I dont really care what type of rocker it is. I dont want camber anymore though

  24. You taken a look at something like the Yes. Great Dudes?

  25. Colt says:

    Not really to be honest. I have a rook right now and it ls awesome besides through choppy snow, my team gullwing does well in chop and has pop but is not totally reassuring in firm snow, I rode a 2012 heritage which is amazing in chop but lacks pop for spins imo, I rode a 2012 rome mod rocker which is going to replace my rook case that board is TONS of fun but once again doesn’t handle kirkwood variable snow too well.

    Im pretty much looking for a heritage with pop and a little more playful.

  26. That might be the Yes Great Dudes or something like the Arbor Wasteland.

  27. Igor says:

    Hi there,,,,,

    How’d compare the Proto to the Rider’s Choice? Major differences and major similarities?

    Thanks a lot for everything! Just lov your website!

    Greetings from Brazil!

  28. Camber profile, sidecuts, flexes, resins, factories, shape.

  29. Igor says:

    That’s no what I meant…. i was looking for your 2 cents on the comparison of this 2 boards… i’ve been ridin the Rider’s Choice for 3 years, and never had a chance to ride the Proto… Considering i live hell far from any board shop, any info would help when in a quiver updating process…

    thanks anyway

  30. Vague questions get vague answers.

  31. Igor says:

    you could’ve just answered by asking me to be more especfic insted of being ironic…. nevermind

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