2013 Never Summer Evo Used and Reviewed

This board has been a staple of Never Summers freestyle commitment to snowboarding. We decided to send Ted our over analytical writer out on it to see what he had to say about it. Surprise surprise he liked it, you can read more below.

Board: Never Summer Evo

Size: 154

Camber Option: Camber underfoot, rocker between the feet.

Bindings: Burton Mission

Stance: 22

Boots: Burton Moto size 9.5

My Weight: 140 lbs.

Resort: Arapahoe Basin

Conditions: Very soft spring slush.

Flex: Comfortably flexy without feeling too noodley. I noticed it was a little easier for me to do presses on boxes.

Stability: For a reverse cambered snowboard, I felt fairly stable approaching and hitting jumps. It gets kind of choppy when you’re riding through slush moguls, but otherwise it’s fine.

Ollies: No issues here. I felt totally in control with plenty of pop.

Pop On Jumps: There’s plenty of pop in this snowboard. The jumps at A-basin were a bit lippy on the test day, but even when you consider that, the pop was nicely transferred to the snowboard.

Butterability: This board is a little on the soft side, so butters come naturally to it.

Jibbing: I tried some front boardslides and 270s with this snowboard, and I felt completely stable on the rails. No edges were caught, and plenty of fun was had.

Carving: The board felt a little slow on the heel edge, but that could have been the super sloppy slush at the very end of the season. Toe edge carves are fine.

Rider in Mind: An intermediate slopestyle rider who does not preference jumps over rails or vice versa.

Personal Thoughts: The flex and shape of this snowboard is a nice balance for both jibbing and jumping. It’s probably not the ideal ride for the spin-to-win type, but it does well enough for those who flip-to-win and are good at rails.

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Ted is a freelance snowboarding journalist living in Breckenridge, CO. His passions include going inverted twice in a row and landing on his back, saving babies from sinking battleships, and of course making apps for Iphones.

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  1. john says:


    Firstly thank you for the reviews.Enjoyed both your reviews on the evo and proto.

    Am thinking of getting either the evo or proto. I will be riding in japan for 1 month so would be riding a lot of POW. I LOVE to butter. Which do you recommended and what size ??

    Am about 5’6 and weigh around 138lbs


  2. john says:

    What size you reckon?? i currently ride a 150 rome artifact. Should i go for 150 or 152

  3. 52 if you want more float in pow 50 if you want more play on groomers.

  4. john says:

    will it be a big difference in pow with 150 and 152??

  5. If you know how to snowboard probably not.

  6. john says:

    Perfect one last question what bindings you recommended ? i currently have union contact on my rome artifact

  7. Something that doesn’t suck.

  8. aaron says:

    Hey just about to order my evo, me and you are the same weight…. im about 5’6” what size do you would be good

  9. […] the Evo 154 on BA's website.. it was made by someone who was 140 lbs and who described it as "Comfortably flexy without feeling too noodley." Remember, that I am actually 145-150lbs myself. I think a 159 cm is ok for an experience […]

  10. eivogvily says:

    i just the never summer evo 2013
    i would like to buy flow bindings
    which model and type are you recomend please?
    and which boots?
    my weight 75 kg’
    1.70 meter

  11. I recommend the ones that fit your style.

  12. Remy says:

    Don’t get flow bindings- I have some and by the end of the day there’s always ice in the bottom of the binding and it makes it so that you have to re adjust the actual binding all the time. Kinda annoying but if you go with skier buddies alot their worth not having to sit down and strap up.

  13. So what you’re saying is you’re too incompetent to understand how to get snow out of your bindings.

  14. Seth Niko says:

    real real sick board!!! so siked to get this board on my birthday!!!

  15. Tony says:

    just out of curiosity what would you do on a typical day when riding this board? i ask because im looking at a 147 or 150 and weigh 145lbs and im trying to get an idea of whether or not our riding preferences match up since you ride it in a 154..

    maybe a 147 is a bit to small for me in reality however the board i own now is a 151 and its effective edge is actually 1 cm small then the evo’s in a 147. do you think a 147 may give me stability issues when approaching jumps at speed and/or an unbearable amount of leg burn in pow?

  16. Go get a different board. You are over analyzing everything.

  17. anthony says:

    im not really, all i want to know is your opinion on how stable a 147 cm board will be for my weight..

  18. It’s not a board to downsize on at your weight you should be on a 152.

  19. Rj says:

    Hey I’m thinking of getting the revolver due to my bigger feet (11) and was wondering if there were any other all mountain, mostly freestyle boards that would be good. I like to ride the mountain (park less) and do jumps off the smaller hills and rollers. I love my board that I have now which is the 2008 Burton Clash, but I need a more flexible board while still holding edge and stability at higher speeds (30 or so is my max). I love hard carving and just really playing on the mountain. Thanks.

  20. Rj says:

    One last thing, I want a true twin because I can ride both regular and goofy. Also I want either a CR shape to the board or something similar in feel and pop.

  21. Dylan says:

    I’m about 5’9 and weigh around 132lbs.
    What size you recommend?? 152 or 154

    btw, my boots is US 10

  22. Dylan says:

    will boots over width of 152?

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