2013 Never Summer Cobra Used and Reviewed

So it’s a new year and it’s time for that next new big thing from Never Summer to stoke out the fan-boys and get all the online forums talking about how much they want it. This year that board is the Cobra a mix of the Heritage and Proto with a hint of Sl/Legacy just for good measure. So how does this venomous serpent stack up?

Board: Never Summer Cobra

Size: 158

Camber Option: RC Technology. Reverse between the feet with camber zones under foot that start to mellow out towards the tips.

Bindings: Raiden Phantoms

Stance: 22.5 Wide 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Boots: K2 UFO Size 10

My Weight: 165

Resort: Breckenridge

Conditions: Blower powder, sunny skies, chunder, high winds, over cast skies, and just about everything you could throw at me.

Flex: Somewhere in the realm of slightly softer all mountain freestyle but not a true middle of the road flex. Anyone that’s ridden the SL and knows its flex pattern will recognize this things then. It’s stable but flexible in all the right places.

Stability: Standard Never Summer dampness that lets you run over an elephant and feel like it’s a garden hose.

Ollies: The new carbon in this board coupled with the RC tech lets you load up and pop this sucker as much as you want. When I was pillow mashing and popping off snowed over trees it was fun for tight little ollies.

Pop On Jumps: Going in hot to a lip and snapping it was highly predictable and exactly what you would expect. Nothing that threw you off balance our out of sync when making hot laps.

Butterability: That blunt shape gives you an awesome flat spot on the tips to just really play around. In pow this thing does gnarly pow butters and cuts right back around to let you ride out.

Jibbing: Not necessarily why you would buy this board but it gets the job done with ease. The blunt shape coupled with that sweet spot outside the RC Techs camber zone really lets you lock in.

Carving: Vario Grip gives you that nice little kink in the transition under foot that locks in for hard carves but doesn’t force you to ride the turn out. Over all tight or long turns weren’t a problem and were easily predictable with the sidecut.

Rider in Mind: The guy that wants more than what the SL/Legacy could offer them. Think of it as taking your all mountain versatility to the next level with this board.

Personal Thoughts: Charging around the mountain through tight BMX style trees was a blast on this board you could get going hard pumping the track then hit a burm crank a hard turn and pop out into the pow. That’s when you throw a butter down and just go for it. Oh in some trees and there’s a log jib hit it and don’t fret. I look at this board as an SL/Legacy on crack and for the person that doesn’t want the stiffer flex of the Heritage.

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  1. Steve says:

    How does the flex compare to the Proto? What other comparisons can you draw to the Proto? thx.

  2. About the same except slightly directional so a bit more give in the nose. The tip shape is the same. It’s really it’s own board.

  3. Rayitup says:


    It’s been a couple of years since I’ve gotten to ride. The military life only let me ride an old satellite dish in Afghanistan. It was crap, but totally worth it! Ha!
    Anyways, I’m ridiculously stoked about this winter and want to celebrate a “rebirth”. I love finding crazy situations while riding the powder, trees, making my own trail, and racing down groomers. Then rarely venturing into the park when I’ve had too many energy drinks to tinker around – nothing too crazy there. Do you recommend the Heritage or the new Cobra? I’ve read both of your reviews. (I am tracking the limited edition military cobra) Do you recommend a size for me on either board?

    Thanks for all that you do on this website.

    Size 11 shoe

  4. Go get that cobra and I wouldn’t go smaller than a 58.

  5. Rayitup says:

    Hells bells! Thanks a ton.

  6. Rayitup says:

    Just bought the cobra. I can’t wait! I also sent NS an email giving you a shout out. Maybe you’ll get something cool out of it.

  7. Matt Bartelt says:

    They have there for 350 if you are in the military on never summer website.

  8. Jesse says:

    Would you recommend this board for a low level intermediate rider? I can put together ok turns but not the smoothest.

  9. Jesse says:

    Could you recommend one?

  10. Clyen says:

    Your thought between 158 and 155?
    I’m 155lbs with size 9 boots.
    I’m fairly experienced; been riding since ’97
    Been riding a NS Titan 164 (oversized for me, but I wanted the float in pow) for the last 4 years and T1 before that.

  11. You want more play or you want more float? More play 55 more float 58.

  12. Lonerider says:

    So you would recommend this over the SL for freeride/powder riding? It sounds more directionally shaped than the SL… but you say the flex is more like a Proto.

  13. Think of it as a directional Proto honestly I’d recommend buying something else if you’re going to freeride or slash pow.

  14. Lonerider says:

    Hmm… yea sounds like it is too close to a Proto. What would you recommend for freeride/pow then? Kessler Ride (assuming it didn’t cost $$$$).

  15. Kessler? What are you riding fucking hard boots?

  16. Lonerider says:

    They apparently make regular board as well. What board would you recommend for freeriding/pow?

  17. JJ says:

    This or a Echelon Franken?

  18. Those are two entirely different boards for two entirely different things.

  19. Robert says:

    Would you recommend this board to an intermediate rider? If so, would you recommend 158 or 161 for someone 5’9″ and 220 lbs?

  20. No Go look at an SL/Legacy if you have a NS hard on.

  21. Perro121 says:

    What would recommend for an intermediate/advanced rider ( no park just everywhere else). Rode a Heritage X 163 last year and loved it but looking to see if I switch or stay with a tried and true board. Looking to ride some deep power in Canada this winter as well a CO.

    I’m 5’10” and 215lbs, shoe size is 12.

  22. Yeah I’d recommend it if you’ve been on a Heritage it’s more playful.

  23. perro121 says:

    thanks. would you go with the same size or a bit smaller? IF smaller, what would you recommend?

  24. perro121 says:

    does the Cobra come in an X?

  25. Brad says:

    Hey Angrysnowboarder,

    I’m still reppin my 05 NS T5 that is a 165. I’m 6’2″ 195lbs size 12 shoe, I’m between the 163wide or the 164reg Cobra, I pretty much just like to bomb groomers and like to ollie rollers (peak 7 is the shit for that), rarely will I cruze through the park., and occasionally I like to do a few tree runs.

    My main concern is the sizing on this. I’ve heard somewhere the newer boards don’t need to be as long as they used to, is this true? should I go with the 164 or the 163W? I ride a 15 deg front and 9 back.


  26. You could get away with a 59.

  27. Jim says:

    Hey man, why wouldn’t you recommend this to a “low intermediate rider”?? Just curios as im still intermediate and this board seems perfect for me.

  28. Cause a low intermediate on the Internet means a high level beginner in the real world.

  29. Charles says:


    1st, thanks for all of the review and input!!! While it will be my first time snowboarding, I am fairly athletic; was on blues my 1st day of skiing, up on 1st pull slalom water skiing, surfed, master diver, ski diver (300+ jumps), mountaineering, caving, and did a little sandboarded while in Dubai for six years, etc, etc… I’m not wanting to buy a beginners board only to upgrade after a month or two later. What are your thoughts on starting with this board or an heritage? I have ZERO interest in Park or freestyle! I’m 5’6″ & 175lb with a 10.5 boot. One of the main reasons for a NS is the fact it’s American made, designed, backed… I have limited interest in American ‘Brands’, if I can support ‘Made in America’ and I understand their support is second to none.

    Any thoughts, input, questions are much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

  30. Buy a K2 Raygun made in China and far better.

  31. evan balbier says:

    For an somewhat intermediate ride, riding all mountain and not in the park would the cobra be a good choice over an sl

  32. Eh maybe depends on what you call an intermediate.

  33. Evan says:

    I ride blues all day long, linking fast turns no problem and Ollie’s and small jumps, slay the powder and usually hit some of the mellower blacks.

    Want something more then my gnu carbon credit..more stability at speed but also forgiving

  34. SL would be better then.

  35. Jeremy says:

    I’m an advanced rider (ride blacks and most double blacks, depending on the resort) up in the Pacific NW (lots of thick, chunky snow). Don’t do the park, mostly into carving, glades, and looking for pow. Don’t really “bomb” down the mountain at Mach 3, either. I’m 185 lbs, size 9.5 boot.

    Would you recommend the Cobra? Any other’s you’d recommend? I’ve been “led” to the LibTech C2-BTX (the TRS), the Gnu Riders Choice, and a few of the Never Summer boards. Very open minded to anything.

  36. This board should fit your needs.

  37. Logan White says:

    recommended board for a lower advanced rider wanting to explore the park more? I like the trees 6’2 180 lb. if not what would you say?

  38. Not this board at all.

  39. Ben says:

    Cheers for the review. Trying to decide on a board for this season. Want something all mountain that floats in powder, works on groomers and chop and holds a carve nicely but still works for buttering and the occasional park run. So far narrowed it down to a this, Proto CT or SL, Ride Bezerker or a Heritage. Coming off a K2 Ambush – too stiff and heavy but I still like the feel of camber boards – possibly cuz I hated the looseness of the Skate ‘Nana. Any advice on which of the above fits best?

  40. Well just to throw a monkey wrench in your plans, but if you like camber maybe check out the Yes Great Dudes. Otherwise you’re somewhat describing the NS SL I think if you want to go with them.

  41. Bob says:

    I’m 5′ 10″ 170, If I’m used to riding 161 – 163 cambered boards. Haven’t tried rocker/camber yet My last board was a 160 NS Titan. I want something looser in the trees. Do you think I would I be better off on the 158 or the 161?

  42. Definitely go smaller.

  43. eric says:

    Hey angrysniwboarder. Thanks for the review, as always it is super helpful. I am six foot three with a size 13 boot and I weigh 230. Would the 163 x work for me or would a heritage be more appropriate? Thanks!

  44. Adrian says:

    Fantastic resource. Glad I found this linked on a forum. I would like your opinion on my issue at hand. I’ve been riding for about 12-13 years. Started in 1999-2000ish. I can handle a variety of terrain. I am 90% riding around the mountain and 10% doing tricks off of natural features. I don’t do the park anymore really – maybe a lap or two.

    I am on the east coast and ride mainly hard packed snow – man made snow (ice), etc..

    Well the board I have had for a few years is a 2008 (i think ?) Salomon Scotty Arnold 154. It has a green top with a skull on it and a white base with the word Salomon on it (if that helps – I couldn’t find it online). It is a traditional camber – and that’s where my problem is.

    I’ve always ridden a camber board – but I hit a rail at the end of last year and it ripped the top sheet up off my board. I’m heading to Whistler in 2-3 weeks and was thinking of upgrading to a newer technology of board. I’ve read reviews where people had a hard time adjusting to camber/rocker/camber like the Never Summer Heritage etc… I’m just wondering what you think would be a good board for me?

    I ride a bunch of times each year, mostly on the East coast with the odd trip to the west for powder etc… I’m not too big on tricks though I do try them from time to time. Is it worth it buying a new board or should I keep the camber and just use some putty to hold down the area that got screwed up?

    So far for my research I’ve been looking at the Never Summer Heritage, some magne-traction boards… and others I can’t remember.

    Something that is stable at high-speed, good in powder if need be (no nose diving), and has the ability to butter with somewhat-ease while riding runs.

    Take Care,

  45. Adrian says:

    I should have added – I am 5’11 / 145lbs. Boot size was a 9.5 or a 10? Burton IONs are the boots I believe… got them many years ago and very comfy.

  46. Just get a Never Summer SL instead it’s probably more up your alley if you really want one of their decks. Otherwise I would check out something like the Yes Great Dudes or the Arbor Coda.

  47. Adrian says:

    Thanks. It’s been a few years so that name is new to me, but I’ll check them out.


  48. Adrian says:

    Will I have trouble getting used to the R.C. technology that NeverSummer uses, coming from a traditional camber? Should I go out to my local hill first before heading on the trip or is it an easy adjustment? I’ve read about people saying it has a “pivoty” feel. I’d hate for my trip to be messed up due to a few days re-learning how to ride a new kind of technology.


  49. tomripper says:

    I think you should go to your local hill no matter what to get your new gear dialed in, but it’s not like rocker/camber is that big of deal. As long as you understand mentally what’s going on so you know how to translate that to your carves/approach you are fine. If you really ride a bunch every year for 12-13 years it shouldn’t be a problem, but then again if you really ride a bunch for 12-13 years I also wonder if you’d be asking if a rocker profile could take you days to learn!!! :)

  50. Adrian says:

    Ugh – one more thing. I heard that the Cobra is an “upgraded” SL. Should I also be looking at the Cobra and/or Heritage alongside the SL?

    Thanks again.

  51. Can you snowboard? Yes! Then you’re fine. No? You’re fucked. Get an SL if you’re on the NS train.

  52. Adrian says:

    I can snowboard. It seems settled then! Thanks for the input.


  53. DL says:

    Dear ASB,
    Really appreciate your frank reviews. I am looking at upgrading my stick and am considering between the NS Cobra and the YES Greats, and its great that you’ve reviewed both. I am 5’10”, 155 lbs size 9.5 boots. I currently ride a 157 Salomon Ace which is pretty torqued out now, and tried a K2 Turbo Dream which I wasn’t too keen on as I found the nose washed out quite a bit (granted conditions were heavy / soft pack so maybe not ideal, but didn’t like the loose feel of it). I split my time on the hills in the heavier snow of the Pacific Northwest, and the knee deep powder of Hokkaido Japan which is much drier & consistently knee deep. I like carve turns at speed where its groomed, spend a lot of time off piste through trees, take jumps, float through the pow as well as the occasional pipe ride. What would you suggest is the better board between the Cobra or Greats, or if any other suggestions happy to consider. Thanks in advance

  54. Ash says:


    I need your wisdom! I’m a high intermediate/low advanced boarder. I don’t do the park, start on groomers, do mostly blacks and some double blacks. Love the trees, but not when they’re too tight. I try to go off-piste when I can. I’m riding an OLD K2 Zeppelin, but want to ride a NS. I’m trying to decide between a Cobra, a Heritage or an SL. I ride mostly in Tahoe. What’s your take?

  55. Greats hands down dude.

  56. If you’re on a Zepplin you probably want a Cobra.

  57. DL says:

    Big thanks ASB. Also in contention – Salomon Mans Board? Or is it Greats still the ticket?

  58. I’m not a huge fan of the Mans Board as I view it as a board not for everyone. I’m more partial to the Greats.

  59. DL says:

    Thanks again for keeping it real ASB!!…

  60. JE says:

    Angry – What bindings would recommend to pair with a Cobra?

  61. Something that fits your needs and riding style.

  62. JE says:

    Thanks. Guess I should have given more info. No park, cruising runs looking for natural features. Looking for something responsive but not super stiff. DMMC lights?

  63. Ash says:

    Thank you Angrysnowboarder, you’re my hero! Seriously though, thanks for all the great advice you’re posting.


  64. Flux’s will be too soft for what you want. Maybe check out something like the Rome 390 boss, Raiden Phantom, or the Now Ipo.

  65. Jo says:

    Looking for an all moutain that handles pow, I’m an intermediate/advance rider that spend most of time i groomers and off piste. Jibs park and pipe aren’t for me. I’m 5’9 165 pounds boots size 9.

    I was thinking about the NS Cobra 158 / 161 , Lib Tech Jamie Lynn 157 , Jones Moutain twin 157 / 160 or the rossignol one magtek 159.

    I also have a NS proto 154 that i enjoy a lot, but this time i’m looking for something more a quiver killer board that goes well in powder.

    Best Regards.


  66. You put any thought to the Yes. Great Dudes?

  67. Jo says:

    No I thought great dudes will be as the same as proto ct, am I wrong?

  68. I think the Cobra and Proto overlap each other.

  69. neil says:

    Hi, could really do with some advice if pos – average week of boarding consists of loads of groomers, off pists at every oportunity with the odd park thrown in but not as much as just hacking round the mountain…was thinking yes the greats board would be perfect?? if you agree, im torn for size between the 156 and 158…im 5’10 and 165lbs. your advice would be much appreciated, cheers

  70. Get the 56 you’ll be stoked.

  71. neil says:

    Thanks for that, much appreciated…couple more thing if you dnt mind :), what weight lbs would you say move up to the 158? and even though its twin tip would you recommend setting the stance back slightly when no parks involved and not riding much switch?? thanks again bud

  72. Probably 20 plus lbs. and do what you want with the stance.

  73. Danny says:

    Thanks for the reviews. Looking for a new board, but cant decide between the Cobra or the SL.
    I do most of my riding in CO or Tahoe. Stay on groomers but like to get of piste and into pow when I can. Dont get into the park.
    Size 11 boots.


  74. SL would be fine for you is my guess if you’re a groomer getter.

  75. Danny says:

    Thanks. Would that still apply for more choppy stuff and off piste our would you switch to a Cobra for that?

  76. Nas says:

    First of all thanks for taking the time and posting a great review. I am deciding between the NS SL or the Cobra. I am 5’10 weigh 173 and wear a size 9 shoe, so I am looking at the 159 or 158 size which I think is right for me. I need help in choosing which board. I am a freerider mostly, just love trying to go fast, carving back and forth, sometimes hitting the trees, and about 20 percent of the day hitting the park doing small jumps and small rails. I just want a board that will hold up well when i’m trying to ride fast either over icy conditions or packed or bumpy snow. The reason i’m leaning more towards the Cobra is because of the flex and the scratch resistant carbon. I feel the flex will help me while trying to go fast and do quick carves. Thank you so much for the help.

  77. It’s not scratch resistant regardless of what they tell you. I’ve done damage to it. If you just want to go fast then yes a Cobra is probably what you want.

  78. modulis says:

    cobra is not scratch resistant.i took it for one day , brand new.no park , no tricks just down the mountain..looks all beat up.just one day.shipped to ns .will see what they will say..looks and feels good , but it’s not bomb proof :) .. more likely it seems like the base is made of cheese ..unless I have had a lemon

  79. Nas says:

    Thanks for the advise. So I bought the Cobra, now i’m looking for bindings but i’m almost broke. Was looking at the Union Contact bindings, what do you think of them? Should I go for the Union Contact or the Union Contact pro? Is there any other bindings you recommend that is great for the Cobra but price range around the $150s? Thanks a lot.

  80. willy says:


    The reviews are short , concise and to the point. Bought the Ride Highlife after reading your review and it was almost perfect for the type of riding I do. Black runs, mostly in the trees, looking for stuff to jump off, powder etc.

    However, here in hokkaido, we get quite a few days > 30 cm of powder + 155 highlife + me at 165 lbs -> too much leg burn … i am thinking of getting another board that is much stronger in the pow, but not a pure pow board … maybe another all mountain board with a different rocker / camber profile, reverse in the centre, camber at the ends?

    The cobra looks like a good fit but I am open to more suggestions.


  81. Cobra might fill that void as well as the Arbor Coda or you might like something like a Venture Helix.

  82. modulis says:

    NS took care of it!that’s good :)

  83. omar says:

    Will the 2013 Burton genius bindings be good for this board?

  84. omar says:

    Maybe lol….I see that you rode the raiden phantoms on this board. I barely go to the park, so isn’t the phantoms a bit soft for a freerider like me?

  85. MotleyJue says:

    I just got my 161 NS Cobra….but I have no idea what bindings to go for. I get hippy with the trees, charge groomers, hunt for kickers, hike & ride and cliff hang. I dabble in the park rarely. I’ve been looking at Union SLs or Ride Capos. Reviews don’t tell me anything, except how much hype Union is getting. What do you recommend?

  86. I didn’t find it super soft.

  87. Neither of those honestly. I would go for something like the K2 National, Rome Targa, or maybe a Burton Diode.

  88. Nas says:

    What about the 2013 Rome 360 Boss bindings with the NS Cobra? I’m all mountain rider.

  89. The board is really damp you want a binding that’s going to give it some feel underfoot and make up for that. Personally I’d keep the bindings and return the board.

  90. nas says:

    I wish I could return the board. Trying to sell it on Craigslist now. I took the board for a ride and didn’t like the feel.

  91. Abd says:

    What do you think about the Rome Targa bindings with the Never Summer Cobra?

  92. If you want a stiffer binding the Targa isn’t a bad choice. I don’t understand why you keep asking similar questions over and over again. Do you want me to hold your hand through the whole buying process? At some point you just have to say fuck it and ride and not give a fuck.

  93. Tom says:

    Hey Angry, great review.

    I am torn between which NS board to get.

    I am looking for a board that can handle everything. Groomers, Park, Pow, Rails, Carving, Switch Carving, Tree runs, Drops. I love to dabble at everything.

    I am torn between the Cobra X and Proto CT.

    Im 182lbs 6 foot 1 with 11.5 US feet. Which do you think is right for me?

    Could you suggest bindings, I was thinking Rome 390s.


  94. Why don’t you look at something else from another brand that might be a bit more versatile?

  95. Tom says:

    That is an option it is just I get discount from certain companies for being part of CASI.

    I get discount on:

    Never Summer
    Step Child.

    Would you have any recommendation for a board from those brands or something completely different?

  96. Check out the Arbor Coda.

  97. KSboarder says:

    How is the cobra for playing around doing freestyle, spins off small jumps? Does it land ok switch or does it feel backwards.

  98. Well it is a twin tip so one can logically deduce that if you landed switch it would ride the same as long as your stance was set up that. How good are you at doing freestyle? That’s the bigger component.

  99. KSboarder says:

    Just now learning spins and grabs. I can land forward freeriding but i might have to land switch a time or two from a spin. Since its a directional board I wasnt sure how the tail would do landing forward. If i do land switch I usually turn right back to normal stance.

  100. Toby says:

    Thanks for the review. Always nice to have someone being honest.

    I’m 5’10” and about 150lb, advanced rider. Moving to revelstoke and want something that can handle a fair bit of snow, trees, charging groomers and powder, drops, spins etc. I know the 158 will be the best for that, but I’m coming from a 152. I’m long overdue for a larger board, but i feel like the 158 will be a step too far in the other direction and will be hard to spin and take to the park in spring (sunshine or louise). Am i wasting my time considering this board in a 155 just so i can lap a bit of the park and muck around on natural features in the spring. I know its a compromise but i rarely have a twin stance and usually stick to the jump line anyway.

    My priority is shredding revy, definitely more my style, do you think the cobra will be wasted in a 155 there? Or get a 158 and just sort out something else for spring? Or should i reluctantly get off the NS train and consider something else? Thanks

  101. You want something else.

  102. Anon says:


    I see that you have had the chance to ride both the proto and cobra. I am considering buying one of these boards for this season. Since I come from the prairies, I dont have the luxury of any sort of demo days to try myself. A typical run for me on the mountain consists of mostly glade and pow riding hitting natural jumps but i eventually hit the groomed runs to get to the bottom of the mountain and like having some control to link turns together. Since you rode them both I would like your opinion on the following:

    1) Does the directional type cobra still have decent pop off the nose for nollies?

    2) How defined was the directional shape of the cobra? Did you have any trouble riding switch?

    3) What board was lighter?

  103. 1. Not that I’m aware of.
    2. Not that defined it’s more a marketing thing.
    3. Fuck if I ever pay attention to that shit I just ride.

  104. Pietro says:

    Hello, I’m looking for an AM aggressive board as my main everyday board. I spend every weekend in Chamonix, therefore must be able to cruise around and take every little chance to go off-pistes even on gnarly slopes when it dumps or I find a little untracked path. I’m 5’7” 154 7US foot and I already own a 159 raptor (I was looking for a 156 but in europe that size has gone sold-out) that I feel fine beside the fact that I still think that the narrower 156 would have been perfect to get the job done. I’m thinking to keep the 159 for when it’s big, deep steep and wide, and looking for something else for the 70% of my riding that doesn’t include park, jibbing etc., an aggressive all-mountain able to bite the ice of the early season when carving and easily float when it dumps. I was thinking about a Capita BSOD 156 or NS Cobra 155.
    Your 10 cents? any other suggestion?

  105. I think you would benefit from looking at the Salomon Mans Board. Have you put any thought to a Rossignol like the One Magtek or even the XV?

  106. Pietro says:

    Yes, I did, and I like the kind…but I noticed that those boards are pretty wide for my small feet : i’d never felt perfectly at ease with boards over 250mm. The raptor 159 surprised me because I’m almost at ease with it (it’s a 253mm) but it’s still a little more work to make it turn than I used to (currently I ride a 159 Rome Anthem SS -248mm- that’s great on groomers, floats OK for the kind but I’d like it shorte and with a little more float).Therefore I use it the days after the big dumps. I considered the cobra 155 because it should be a little narrower, shorter and softer, and searching the web people say it’s damp,very easy to turn, still carves great and floats a lot. Dunno how it goes in the ice. BSOD seems to be something like a razor on groomers and with a good floatation too so I figured it can get the job done too .

  107. Ty Bruce says:

    Hi ASB,
    I am solid intermediate. I weigh 175lbs with us size 10.5 boots. I have been riding for three years mainly in the west coast. My past boards have been 156s. Would you recommend the NS Cobra in 155 or 158 for me. Thanks for your time.

  108. Depends on what you want 55 for more play 58 for more charging.

  109. Ty Bruce says:

    Thanks ASB for your time ASB. I guess I will go with the 155, just for confidence reasons. Maybe, next season I’ll demo a few different size boards. But for now i think i’ll stick with what i am comfortable with. Thanks again for your time.

  110. Chris says:

    Hey ASB,

    Unfortunately, I had my 2011 Lib tech jamie Lynn Phoenix with C2 stolen while riding with my family 2 weeks ago in Mammoth. I am looking at a replacement and have got it down to 3 choices. A 157 Jones Mtn twin, a Never Summer Cobra 158, or a Lib Tech Lando phoenix 157. I am 5″7″ and 165 lbs.
    I ride 60-70% groomers, and the rest off piste or powder. This is going to be my everyday board. I don’t ride any park nor do I ride switch. My riding style depends on my mood. SOmetimes I just cruise, while other times I love to absolutely charge it. I loved my Lynn but I don’t want to get C3. Unfortunately, I don’t have an opportunity to Demo so I am taking your opinion and experience into great consideration.

  111. The Lando would be the closest to your lost deck.

  112. Chris says:

    Thank you ASB. I appreciate your time.

  113. Flynn says:

    Hey Angry,

    Thanks for the great reviews!
    I’m very interested in the NS Cobra X.
    I’m 6’6” 210lbs, 13US Boot.

    Trying to decide between the 163W and 166W.

    I like riding the whole mountain, Love the trees, Pow, and groomers (High speed is not a priority). Will occasionally hit some jumps and drops, but not my main activity.

    Was wondering what you would recommend?
    I’ve been riding for 9 years, would say i’m a strong intermediate.

    Also wondering if there is much difference between last season Cobra X and this season’s one. If there is no difference i found a sweet deal for last seasons model!

    Thanks for the help


  114. Kent Phillips says:

    Hey angry snowboarder. How does this compare to a burton custom? I’ve been on a traditional camber 166 as my main board for years. Most of my days are at Berthoud or loveland pass in the sidecountry slashing pow. Although I like the length a 166 offers, my legs are not what they used to be. I also like to bomb groomers.

  115. What year Custom? That board is one of the most drastically changed decks in the history of snowboarding. It sounds more like you need a pow oriented deck.

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