2013 Lamar Fixx Used and Reviewed

I have to believe that the graphics for this are directly inspired by the Bloods vs Crips gang war. So just be careful of where you’re rocking this thing. I will say this board is a bit on the stiffer side and probably not for everyone.

Board: Lamar Fixx

Size: 154

Camber Option: Three stage rocker. Flat for a good portion with a little bit of rise up near the contact points.

Bindings: Raiden Phantoms

Stance: 22.5 Wide 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Boots: K2 UFO Size 10

My Weight: 165

Resort: A Basin

Conditions: Sunny slightly cloudy skies with super warm temps and slushy snow.

Flex: More jump oriented flex that’s stiffer between the feet with a tiny bit more give in the tips.

Stability: Super stable this board could run over an Elk and make it feel like you were going over a garden hose.

Ollies: This board is designed to pop. The carbon array just lends itself to loading up the tips and snapping to the moon.

Pop On Jumps: It’s super at home hitting jumps and doesn’t disappoint, granted the jumps at A basin definitely did.

Butterability: You have to work it a bit harder than other alternate cambered decks but it’s still doable. Just be prepared when really loading the tips for it to want to snap back.

Jibbing: I’d say it’s great for high speed jibbing but anything else it takes more effort than it’s worth.

Carving: Sidecuts deep enough to rail a hard turn and not feel like you’re going to wash out as well as doing minor set up turns.

Rider in Mind: All mountain guy that wants something a bit stiffer. Or the heavier rider that wants pop out of their board.

Personal Thoughts: It’s a little too stiff for me personally but for a bigger guy this might be ideal. The carbon array is designed to give this board the most snap and response out of carving and loading the tips.

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  1. Jakob says:

    Cant’ decide between 2012 FiXX (which i belive is similar to 2013), 2012 Cranium and 2012 Volt, looking for an advanced allmountain freestyle ride: a lot of backcountry, jumps, high speed groomers and some natural jibs. Which one would You recommend?

  2. Fixx and Volt somewhat compliment each other except the Volt is camber and Fixx is rocker. Cranium is a lot softer which makes it more playful.

  3. Jakob says:

    so I guess i’d probably be happy with Fixx or Cranium rather. Looking for something more almountain than park, also good edge hold on hardpack, ice is important for me. That’s why I primary thought about Volt, however i m afraid it is too stiff, pipe specific kind of a board for me. This season I rode Endeavor BOD which im my opinion lacked on edge grip in a way similar to salomon Grip. How do You rate carving abbilties of Fixx and Cranium?

  4. Cranium is softer and you can center flex it more. Fixx you can really push into. Keep the edges sharp if you’re worried about edge hold but the Fixx in my opinion is probably the better choice for what you’re looking at only because it’ll charge better and has a faster base.

  5. Jakob says:

    tough choice, now I’m realy tempted by the Cranium, cause i like lively boards, i dont want a dull and super damp ride.
    To compare, I’v been able to test 2013: NS Proto, SL and Cobra, found SL and Cobra too much of freeride / allmountain oriented boards for my needs (directional flexes, too damp). I really enjoyed the Proto, however I don’t want NS this year (almost all my friends ride NS boards right now:) So in Your opinion does Cranium sits in the same category as Proto, freestyle focused, “do everything” machine?

  6. Julius says:

    I’m looking for an affordable all mountain ride to charge slopes on. The Fixx 154 seems like a good choice for me, but I’m a bit concerned if I’m too heavy for it, since I weight around 180lbs (but am just 5’8 tall). Would the stiffer flex make up for my excess mass?
    Because I usually ride 50/50 regular and switch, directional boards kinda turn me off. I’d be glad to hear your opinion of how this board rides switch.

  7. It’s a twin snowboard if you can ride switch fine it can do it too.

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