2013 Flux DMCC Lights Used and Reviewed

Twenty years of Flux and still going strong or something like that. Guess this was the season of anniversaries. Now that Kevin has developed a more manly body and doesn’t have the physique of a 12 year old girl it’s amusing to hear what he says about bindings he’s reviewing. Here’s his latest.

Binding: Flux DMCC Lights

Board Used: Signal OG Flat 151

Stance: 22 wide 12 neg 12 goofy

Boots Used: Flow Hylite 9

Location: Winter Park

Conditions: Early morning thawing ice groomers and park

Adjustability: Classic Flux, everything except your mounting bolts is tool less and easy to use.

Straps: When I tested the FTM Monocoque last year on the DS30’s with my boxier Rides they held fine but I was worried that a rounder smoother toe would have issues with grip. Well, being a top end boot the Hylites have the whole welded mesh nonsense and the toe is super rounded and slippery. After all, Flow bindings as of my boots year didn’t have toe caps so that wasn’t a concern with their boots. Anyway, they were great. There is still a bit of pressure just under the buckle but that’s near impossible to avoid completely with a two strap binding. These are one of my two favorite toe straps. The ankle straps were my favorite part of the binding. Flux has always provided a pillow comfort ankle strap but has also had some issues with people wanting more response out of them. It’s hard to get both drive and excellent comfort out of ankle strap and I think Flux did a pretty damn good job this time. I’m one of those unfortunate people that will actually run into ankle straps causing foot pain with a lot of the options out there. These didn’t give me any trouble no matter how cranked down I had them and I could really drive into and pull on these. They aren’t as comfy as on TT30’s or RK’s but you pretty much have to sacrifice comfort a bit to gain the response, and they’re still more comfy than like 70% of the market.

Highback: With how light these new ones are I was impressed with their level of response. They claim these to be do everything bindings and the highback pretty well lands right in the middle of the general riding spectrum. Probably a bit too soft to really freeride, and probably a bit too stiff to really be just jib, but still doable for both, and then great for everything in between. In a hard euro carve I could feel them give right as I wanted to snap out of the apex, but up until then they gave me everything I needed. For park they are a low profile highback and fairly flat up top so they didn’t get in the way of my tweak-times. Forward lean is controlled with where it attaches to the frame, which is tool less. It’s not the most on the fly friendly and if you want forward lean it’s best to get it dialed before you ride.

Binding Flex: Responsive middle ground: not really stiff enough for straight freeride and not really soft enough for straight jib. Its really a performance flex meant for charging the mountain with a freestyle mindset. Dampening… this is still where I want more from Flux. These have a dual density full length EVA, but I still think it’s just not thick enough for people really sending it off jumps and landing deep. A set of boots with good dampening will compensate as mine did but coming off deep in Winter Parks shitty ice-rink park wasn’t the smoothest. Cut chatter fine as that’s really what EVA is best at and the full length does help if you can manage to land with the impact on your whole foot. The EVA will satisfy most and I did really only noticed it stomping deeper landings, but I’d still like to see some gel or more foam or urethane or something for the top end shock.

Ratchets: The ratchet lever is a bit narrow and I can see that maybe bothering some people, this is just the Flux shape and is pretty much what the entire line uses. They work great, have smooth initiation, grab fine and those that like too really clamp down will be satisfied. When clamped they still release well too. It’s very minimally built as far as materials so I imagine their light compared to most if ratchet weight is something you care about.

Rider in Mind: Average build high end freestyler/all mountain rider looking for a comfortable and super lightweight binding.

Personal Thoughts: I could ride these every day on every deck I own and be happy. As stated already I still want Flux to do something more with top end shock but these are a binding that I will recommend. And they’re crazy light.

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