2013 Flow Shifty Used and Reviewed

What can I say about this board other than if you can’t ride a Quantum you’ll probably love this thing. It’s a super sick stick that has pop and lets you lock into presses. Oh and the tips are ever so blunted.

Board: Flow Shifty

Size: 154

Camber Option: Pop cam camber. Micro camber zones under foot with flat zones after the inserts and between the feet.

Bindings: Raiden Phantoms

Stance: 22.5 Wide 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Boots: K2 UFO Size 10

My Weight: 165

Resort: Breckenridge

Conditions: Slightly over cast in the morning to perfect Colorado sunny blue skies with the best terrain park in the world.

Flex: That perfect middle of the road park flex that makes the board versatile all over the mountain. Slightly softer tips for jibbing but stiffening up near the insert pack and between the feet.

Stability: Minor chatter in the tips but a smooth ride under foot while charging.

Ollies: This board has snap. The micro camber zones under foot allow you to load up and pop this beast while cruising around the mountain.

Pop On Jumps: Look at the Flow team they’re jump oriented and this board showcases that. Coming off the lip you could fully expect that this board would snap you up and out to land in the sweet spot.

Butterability: The softer tips mixed with the partially flat profile lends itself to butter the muffin. I still feel that camber is the way to go to learn how to press/butter and having a small version of it furthers my belief in it.

Jibbing: There’s an optimal sweet spot just outside the insert pack in the flat zone that lets you lock in and feel secure in your presses. Over all this board is what I would call a high end jib stick due to the flex pattern and camber profile.

Carving: Go fast lean it over on edge and lock in for a smooth ride. Short and long turns weren’t a problem with this board. Turn initiation was like that of a performance vehicle you never had to question making a rash decision when an obstacle would present itself in front of you.

Rider in Mind: The all around well rounded rider that knows the board will do what they want if they man handle it the way they should.

Personal Thoughts: This board reminded me of riding decks like the old K2 Jibpan. It could hit any feature in the park, slay the mountain, and still give you more anywhere else you needed it. Over all it’s probably one of the most versatile boards I’ve ever ridden from Flow.

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  1. tong says:

    how does it compare to the 2012 shifty?

  2. Don’t think anything changed really but didn’t ride the older version.

  3. e says:

    Softer, 4 carbon forks were added, blunted nose/tail shape, tighter sidecut between the feet, still has sintered base

  4. […] Well whadya know, I need money again. $150. No change in tech so its the same as the 2013. here got an award from the almight BA. Never ridden. I could upload photos, but its brand new… […]

  5. HappySnowboarder says:

    Im kind of looking at this, the technine cam rock, and the rome reverb rocker.
    Im only 110 pounds, 5’7 so i think i need a softer board to even me out.
    I read your review on the Rossignol Angus and am in the process of returning it as an impulse buy (lol) – but your review on that having the shitty cam rock design discourages me from this.
    Should i get this or one of the rocker blends?

  6. T9 Cam Rocker is a lot better than what was on the Angus, I really dug that board. You’re really looking at three solid boards but if you’re worried about your weight get the Reverb Rocker it’s the softest of the ones you listed.

  7. illegalmind says:

    I demoed a shifty last weekend and loved it. I was curious if anyone knew of a board that is about the same tech wise that I can try. I love the pop camber but is there another board that has about the same tech? I ride mostly all mountain and i need something in the 157-159 size range. I love the control the board has but wanted to try something comparable before i go out and buy it.

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