2013 Flow Rush Used and Reviewed

Boards with boob implants are the new thing evidently. Who doesn’t want to get their board augmented and slam some rails down on them. I’ll let the review talk for itself.

Board: Flow Rush

Size: 156

Camber Option: I-Rock. Center reverse camber with a convex base coupled with their Augmented Base Technology.

Bindings: Nitro Raiden

Stance: 22.5 Wide 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Boots: K2 UFO Size 10

My Weight: 165

Resort: Breckenridge

Conditions: High winds with sunny skies and fresh pow for the first day. Second day sunny bluebird park laps in the best park on earth.

Flex: Stiff little looser in the tips but not by much lending itself to be more designed for all mountain versatility than all around park domination.

Stability: You can feel micro chatter under foot but between the bindings the ABT (silicone insert that absorbs impact) dampens. Over all it’s not a sloppy kind of instability it’s like that micro chatter that just fatigues your feet a bit if you get into variable icy wind blown conditions.

Ollies: This board is meant to be ridden hard and popped fast. If you’re thinking to yourself, “Gee I’ll just be lazy as fuck and butter around then pop this going about as fast as Granny in her grocery getter” you would be sadly mistaken.

Pop On Jumps: It’s a jump deck and being on your game you have to just snap it and let it fly.

Butterability: Pretty close to non existent. This board can do pow butter but then again what snowboard can’t? It’s a board for the guys sending it on big line jumps.

Jibbing: Took so much effort to muscle presses out of this thing. The sweet spot is minuscule at best.

Carving: Now railing turns is fun on this board if you’re pointing. Roll it up on edge and center flex that board to get your inner Euro on.

Rider in Mind: Someone sending big jumps and needing a stiffer deck.

Personal Thoughts: I’m not sure how I feel about the ABT yet as it didn’t really seem to make all that difference to me in how the board rode other than making under my feet seem to chatter. The flex of this board is too much for me and having to work that hard on a deck just isn’t in the cards for my 165lb frame anymore.

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Causes controversy!

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  1. […] implants but more of a silicone dampening built into the core. While I only got to ride this on the Rush and I didn’t think it stood out as something that worked super well I witnessed first hand up […]

  2. Sierra says:

    Been looking at reviews for a few weeks now. I was wondering if you have seen the site “The Good Ride” http:/www./thegoodride.com/ and what you thought about their reviews. More over what you thought about their list of favorite snowboards? Aside from the boot reviews which are total BS, I was just curious on your take since your reviews are pretty spot on.
    -Longtime Follower

    p.s. How did the extended battery work out for your HTC incredible when you had it ;)

  3. Eh I can’t stand that site honestly. It’s there to make them money off the affiliate ads. I’ve met the owner and he’s just off on things he says about boards.

    Battery worked good while I had it but I said fuck Android and went to iPhone and couldn’t be happier.

  4. Sierra says:

    hehe, Android, Iphone…to each his own on that one. thanks for the heads up on the site. That’s the feeling I got as well, but wasn’t sure and needed a veteran opinion – Back to boards. Have you had a chance to try the 2012/13 Jones all mountain twin? I want something stable but remain snappy. I flexed the jones at a shop and it seemed pretty soft, as in really soft. I’m 6’2′ and weigh 225 with size 10.5 boots. I realize the irony of asking this question on this particular page, but what would you suggest for charging icy groomers and straight airs at my size?

  5. You looking for cam rocker?

  6. Sierra says:

    I think so and I’ve tried a lot of boards. I’m currently looking at the Rossi One Magtek – seems stable enough to bomb straight, but just enough to still play around . I’ve tried a lot of boards too. I own a 2010/11 joystick (totally fun on jumps and carves, but on ice and straight-lining icier conditions it’s sketchy. Same goes for the 2011/12 Arbor blacklist. The carves are more stable on ice for sure with griptech, but bombing straight-lining ice is scary as shit, something to do with the rocker between the feet. It makes me feel like i can swivel the board going 40+. At this point i know rocker between the feet is not good for my style of riding. Smokin Bigwig is fun, but like you had in a older review – this is for a jibkid through and through (I now know that’s true), although the flat between the feet is feels awesome when just wanting to go straight and the magnatraction doesn’t hurt either carving the board is really sloppy and there’s no true lock. I have some other boards that are full traditional camber, but haven’t ridden them in years after going rocker.
    I’m thinking cam rock is the way to go and someone my size I need a stable ride. By the way, my stance is 24 1/2 with 18 / -18 ducked if that makes a difference.

  7. You ever looked at the Yes. Great Dudes?

  8. Sierra says:

    Nice find! That may be the way to go. Farmers so kooky too so It’ll be perfect for me, HA!. Really, Thanks for the help, I appreciate it and take a good hard look. Good advise is hard to find. This past weekend I had a lifty on his break while we were going up the chair try telling me he bought his Carbon credit for $800.00 and the park staff ride 1000.00 snowboards from 2014. I didn’t want to call him out, but damn. It least lie within some sense of reality.

  9. Snow carnies are funny.

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