2013 Flow M9 SE Used and Reviewed

Flow is known for having the all encompassing super strap that makes their ease of rear entry bindings function. People have asked when they would develop a two strap system that could be worn as a toe cap. They finally answered that question with the SE edition of bindings for 2013.

Board Used: Arbor Blacklist

Binding Used: Flow M9 SE

Stance: 22.5 Wide 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Boots Used: K2 UFO Size 10

Weight: 165

Location: Beaver Creek and Breckenridge

Conditions: Full blown powder day at Beaver Creek to sunny park laps at Breck.

Binding Adjustability: You get numerous adjustments on this binding from strap placement, highback rotation and size adjustment, push out toe ramp, strap angle, and of course forward lean.

Straps: New for this year Flow added a toe strap for all those people that didn’t think the giant power strap was enough. So instead of having 4 points of attachment you now get five with the new design. For all you Flow fans all your power transmission still comes from the main strap and the toe strap is just sort of there to humor people.

Highbacks: If you have an aggressive cut boot that has a high sole wrap up near the back-stay you might want to make sure these won’t catch on them. I had it grab mine and rip it off. Over all though the Highback does what it needs to do and gives that ample amount of support for all mountain freestyle.

Binding Flex: It’s a mid flexing park binding that can handle all mountain use. Expect a fair amount of give from the baseplate.

Ratchets: I love the fact these have real ratchets and can be used as a traditional binding now. One finger quick release and solid pull to tighten ratio or whatever it is they call it.

Rider in Mind: Park junky that will ride them all over the mountain.

Personal Thoughts: The highback was a bit of a let down but who knows these were samples and they might cut the heel hoop a little higher for more aggressive boots or say fuck it and tell us to sack up. Also the toe strap not really sure if it does anything more than make you feel like your toe is locked in the main strap does all the work. The flex is fun and playful.

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  1. Leo says:

    How did you feel about the SpeedEntry aspect with this new strap design? Dave Z and I had a helluva time kicking in properly without the toe cap constantly needing tweaking. This completely defeated the purpose of SpeedEntry for us. Also, how did you feel about the new locking mechanism? They us a “flicking” method to unlock, but in practice, it wasn’t great.

  2. Toe strap does nothing I just gave up on that.

  3. Sxdaca says:

    Most provably getting a blacklist this year. Would this binding bindings be better than the nx2se for park riding?

  4. paulie says:

    thanks for this review and comments it helped alot……… for me you guys addressed the issues i already had with flows, terrible ratchets that dont work like a quality product should! and the basics like the toe strap isnt even right WTF? seems they wanna sell stuff off the hype of how rad it looks rather than FUNCTIONALITY and word of mouth after! just sent some trilogy back they were cheap junk not worth £30 nevermind £100 so no way im paying £220 for these to be dissapointed on arrival and cost to send back….. just gonna grab some burtons i think or chance the SP fastecs with mixed reviews…….real shame no one can cut it 100% with the rear entry.

  5. Kamran says:

    I took the toe strap off the second I got the bindings. But these bindings are pretty amazing.

  6. e says:

    just switch the toe cap straps from left to right & right to left so the plastic is on top of the boot, works great that way

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