2013 Endeavor Live Reverse Used and Reviewed

It’s always been interesting to me how Canadian companies struggle to make it into the U.S. and world markets. Endeavor for some reason has been able to beat those odds and at their 10 year mark is producing some boards that ride amazingly. The Live Reverse lives up to all the hype.

Board: Endeavor Live

Size: 153

Camber Option: Center Reverse Camber

Bindings: Raiden Phantom

Stance: 22.5 Wide 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Boots: K2 UFO Size 10

My Weight: 165

Resort: Breckenridge

Conditions: Mix of sun and clouds with occasional flurries then sleet or rain then back to warmer temps.

Flex: Just past middle of the road as far as all mountain flex goes. The torsional flex has a fair bit of give.

Stability: It’s stable yet lively which makes for a non deadened ride.

Ollies: The board can pop that’s for sure. Load up the tips and let it boost.

Pop On Jumps: It’s adequate enough for jumps above the 30 foot range.

Butterability: It’s reverse camber so if you can’t press this you probably should just quit snowboarding now. The stiffer flex makes you work a bit more but when you get it, it’s good.

Jibbing: The sweet spot is immense in the tips and locks in real well on boxes and rails. The board can handle any jib you throw at it.

Carving: Railing hard turns is not challenge at all. This board locks in and delivers a perfect arc. Small set up turns aren’t over exaggerated as well and allow for optimal turning when going into park features.

Rider in Mind: All mountain freestylist that wants a slightly longer tip than a tail to give it that directional twin feel.

Personal Thoughts: I’ve never ridden an Endeavor but I can see why these guys have been around for 10 years after riding this deck. It slays anything that’s put in front of it and with ease. It’s a board for the everyman that wants to get it all done. A true quiver of one deck if you will. I had a blast on this thing and didn’t want to stop riding it.

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Causes controversy!

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  1. Canada says:

    Thanks for reviewing this!

    Only if their waist width range were a few mm’s more throughout the line without having to go for a wide.

  2. Ryan says:

    Thanks for the review…most helpful. Have you had a chance to try the camber version or the Endeavor Guerilla? If so, I’d like to hear your thoughts on how they compare with this bad lad.
    Also, if you had to choose between this and an NS evo which would you go for and why?
    Great site btw,keep it up!

  3. I haven’t ridden the Guerilla and I would get this solely because it’s more lively and has better snap.

  4. Ryan says:

    Nice one,thanks! I think I’ll be going for a live this season.

  5. Dan says:

    How did your size 10 boots feel on the waist width? Also, I’m coming off the Endeavor Color, is this a good board if I am looking for more stiffness?

  6. I never have problems with boards width. And if you’re moving from the Color definitely consider the Live if you want to go a little stiffer.

  7. Tom_1985 says:

    Firstly I have to say that I really enjoy this website. Good job with all reviews etc.
    I am fresh intermediate rider in the middle of changing my board. So far I’ve ridden on Technine Split 157. But I find this board too soft for more aggressive edge to edge cruising. Currently I stuck between NS SL 155 and Endeavor Live 156 (reg camber – I belive it will deliver better edge holding than RC version). I mostly used board on groomers with occasionally jumps.
    Any chance that you could compare this two boards?

    Cheers from Europe Tom

  8. […] to go shorter and get camber, stay the same and get something stiffer with better edge hold. The Endeavor Live Reverse is a solid all mountain freestyle board that will be super fun to jump too. The YES Greats like I […]

  9. fred says:

    Hi thanks for this review …

    I a few people that I talked to told me that this rather wide board combine to it’s camber could be really hard to ride on groomers not to say almost deadly. That said my goal is to ride as much pow as I can. I am not a big park guy so I’m just wondering If this board would be still enjoyable on a shitty condition day or should I look at boards with a camber W shaped like the never summer proto or flow solitude. Thanks man !!!

  10. Those people are stupid you’ll be fine.

  11. anthony says:

    hey angry,

    i found a decent summer deal on this deck but am not sure which size would be more appropriate?
    im 145 lbs 5’6″ and wear a size 9 boot.

    i cant seem to decide between tge 151 and 148..
    im assuming 151 will be better for all mountain but would 148 suffice in the pow department as well as park?

  12. anthony says:

    hi angry,
    im lookin at a decent deal for this board but cant decide between a 148 and 151 for all mountain use.
    im 145 lbs 5’6″ and wear a size 9 boot.

    also i live on the east coast so my concern is whether or not the 148 will be too washy on ice once the rc comes into play.

  13. It’s going to come down to how well of a rider you are and how sharp you keep your edges. The RC is going to sacrifice some edge hold on east coast sheet ice that’s just a fact. As far as pow riding I subscribe to going just a hair bigger so the 51.

  14. Anthony says:

    Hmm sounds a lot like what i expected.. Not sure if you ever had the chance to ride it but what about the live regular camber? significantly better on ice and would allow me to keep the pow abilities with a 51?

    btw sorry about the double post.

  15. Camber does have better edge hold, but you sacrifice pow playfulness as you’re fighting the camber to keep the nose up.

  16. Tony says:

    Hey Angry

    Would the Live be a good beginner to intermediate all-mountain board with more freeride (65%) than park focus (35%)? Buying two boards, one for myself and a mate and want to get two different boards but in line with our ability/help advance. We’re both the same level and dimensions, footsize etc so we can swap boards without worrying about size etc too much.

    I’ve narrowed it to the K2 Raygun and Yes Basic or Ride Machete in the 156 size. Can’t get hold of the Raygun anywhere in Australia and Machete is limited in size. Heading to Austria in Jan. Came across a good deal for the Live board and B.O.D as an alternative but can’t find any reference to these boards for beginner/intermediate. I can get hold of a YES Basic. Your 2 picks of these 4 boards? Open to suggestions if others might be a better option.

  17. I would just stop looking at the Machete honestly. The Live is fine for a beginner if you want something soft and playful, but charging around the mountain probably not the most ideal. I would go with the Raygun for sure and if you want to look at something else maybe the K2 Happy Hour, Signal Freedom Machine, Flow Rush ABT, Flow Era, and stuff like that.

  18. guillaume says:

    Hi angry,

    i am an intermediate rider looking for a new board that should have a decent behavior for riding in groomers, carving, park (jumps and i would like to practice in the pipe) and also with a good “butterability”.
    after some researchs, i was focused on the nitro team gullwing, and then i noticed 2 endeavor (i didn’t know thsi brand before) : live and guerilla.

    i saw your posts on these 2 boards (nitro and live) and that you both appreciate them.
    would you have any advice ?

    thanks in advance

  19. Btown boarder says:

    Hey I wanted to know when u say just past the middle of the road as far as all mountain flex goes do u mean it’s stiffer or softer than most I’m riding a 2010 technine mass appeal now and that’s mid flex but I wish it had a lil more flex to it or maybe it’s just the positive camber that makes me think that that’s really the only beef I have with that board do u think if I move to this board I would be happy with the rid and flex thanks

  20. Past middle of the road means stiffer. Happiness is subjective, do you think you would be happy?

  21. Btown boarder says:

    I was kinda hopping for softer I know is last years model but I found a good price on it and the color but in general I’m looking for a soft to mid flex park board that I can still ride the whole mountain with when I ride with friends who don’t like to ride park

  22. eMb says:

    Hi Angry,

    how you’d compare this to NS SL/Snowtrooper and Proto? Btw. current year Live is softer from what I’ve heard: 5/10.
    I’m looking for AM ride but FS limited to small kickers, presses, fooling around but no rails and stuff. I’m thinking about geting one of above models. For riding I mostly do groomers, sometimes harder snow, off pist and pow (the last one not very often).
    For 165lbs, 156cm Live should be ok, am I right?

  23. I wouldn’t compare them. I think you’re on the right track.

  24. eMb says:

    Thx for answer but are SL/Snowtrooper and Live really that different from each other that there’s no point in comparing them? I think they’re both positioned as AM/ AM FS boards with simillar flex. Both are (different) hybrids. In my case, should I pick one over another or it’s just a matter of personal preferences? I have Burton Custom FV, NS Snowtrooper, Proto, Cobra, Endv. Live, Arbor Westmark and Lib TRS on my list. Any recommendations? I know there’s no clear winner here but any help is very welcomed.

  25. Ditch the Westmark and go with a Coda instead.

  26. Serge says:

    Hi Angry,
    I’m looking at the same board/size/model and I’m the same size/weight as you are so I trust and follow your reviews 100%. Did you find the 153 on the smaller side for all mountain riding? I ride whistler and usually ride 155-156, I’ve chance to buy this exact deck. I am all over the place but mostly groomers and park with occasional pow and trees when there is pow.

    Thanks in Advance and keep up the good job.

  27. Here’s the difference between what worked for me and what will work for you. The pow in CO is so light a smaller deck works here, Whistler that’s not the case. So if you’re cool knowing that in the pow you’ll have to work harder than I would here you might be alright, otherwise you might be better off with the bigger size.

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