2013 Best Good Platinum Wood Test Award Picks

Reviewing snowboards is serious business and if you don’t have your own take on awards you’re blowing it, or at least that’s what I was told after doing this for years. After slaving away riding countless snowboards, compiling data, and of course taking corporate kick backs it’s time to unveil the inaugural award winners of The Best Good Platinum Wood Test Award Picks.

Anyone can make a high end board that’s the best on the planet, but what takes real skill is making something anyone can ride from beginner to advanced and still have fun. That’s what we look for when checking out these entry to mid level boards that are designed for those on a budget just getting into snowboarding.

Best Entry Level Stunt Stick
Arbor Formula

Here’s what sticks out for it being a solid ride aside from the price:

  • Center reverse camber giving it a playful feel in varying snow conditions.
  • Griptech for superior edge hold and a solid sidecut that doesn’t limit how hard you can carve.
  • Enough pop to get on park features but not so overwhelming it causes you to work harder to snap onto a obstacle, this also allows it to play around on the snow when making the mountain your skatepark.

Runners up:
Echelon Attack Plan

In the realm of all mountain there’s two trains of thought: Freestyle and Freeride. This division if you look at it that way allows for boards that border more towards one end of the spectrum than the other. Dividing it into two segments really helps.

Best All Mountain Freeride
Flow Rush

Why this board stands out:

  • The alternate camber and convex base plus the addition of the ABT for dampening.
  • Flow knows how to make a sidecut that allows you to rail precision turns without having to fear wash out.
  • This board was meant to send big jumps, cliffs, and drops between its flex, pop, and over all shape.

Runners up:
Flow Drifter
Arbor Coda

Best All Mountain Freestyle
Yes The Greats

Why this board made the cut:

  • Finally dialing in their Camrocker so that it didn’t ride like traditional camber helped.
  • The asymetrical sidecut performed amazing while laying down hard carves.
  • The shape is unique but fully functional.

Runners Up:
Rome Mod Rocker
Endeavor Live Reverse

Park boards represent the biggest category in snowboarding and also the broadest spectrum. You can have boards for jibbing, jumping, and all around park riding. Finding ones that stand out in any of these categories is a bit difficult.

Best Jib Board
Echelon Rounds

What makes it so jibtacular:

  • The soft flex coupled with a center reverse camber.
  • Utilizing their 3D Lite base the edges don’t catch but you can keep them sharp if need be.
  • A carbon fiber X in the tips gives snap where it’s needed but doesn’t sacrifice the softer flex.

Runners Up:
Arbor Draft
Salomon Salomonder

Best Jump Board
Sims E-Board

Why it’s the best at boosting:

  • The blunt shape gives a great flat spot to snap off the tips this is activated by having an integrated canting giving a 2.5 degree wedge. Think of it like snapping off a tranny on a skateboard.
  • Sidecut allows you to set up perfectly going into a lip.
  • It’s designed to pop and not feel like you have to work twice as hard.

Runners Up:
Flow Shifty
Salomon Sabotage/Sabotage Classic

Best All Around Park Slayer
Arbor Blacklist

Why it destroys all:

  • Blunt shape, center reverse camber, and a perfect park flex for anything put in front of it.
  • It’s been my go to board for everything for two seasons now.
  • For you narrow waisted people check out the Westmark

Runners Up:
MarHar Mystick
Echelon Franken
Flow Era
Rome Shank

Realistically we wish there were more boards we could have ridden for this year but due to factors beyond our control it just wasn’t possible. Think of this as the precursor to what we have in store for 2014.


  1. annie says:

    Im really happy to see arbor gettin’ what they deserve…. award wise. I’ve been a fan (and owner) for a long time. I have got to say i’m kinda supprised not to see the sherlock on there…. yes i know its a burton but i rode the sherlock last year at OR (flying v) and own the feelgood (also flying v) and those two are some super fun, poppy and resilient suckers. I guess this just speaks to how many fantastic, fun to ride boards there are now! Thanks for all the great reviews and articles!

  2. Burton wasn’t down this year to send stuff.

  3. Luciano says:

    Hey, great website! I’m looking for a Freeriding/powder board to compose my quiver. I’m 5.4″ ,160lbs and boot 9, and am riding an Yes The Greatest Beauties 155. Thinking about the Sick Stick 156 or 160, which would you recommend? Do you think it will be a good board set? Also, between the Sick Stick 2012 and 2013, are there many differences? Cheers!

  4. Get a 56 unless you need that added float of a 60 and save money pick up a 12.

  5. chandler says:

    disappointed nope. snowboards didn’t make the list.

  6. I think the whole world is.

  7. Chaz says:

    I am a skier. Have four kids all snowboarders. My eleven Yr old son needs a new snowboard. He is a average rider who wants to start to hit jumps with his 17 and 15 siblings. We live in the northeast, he wont go off piste yet. He is 5 ft tall with equipment on 90 lbs boots are K2 size 5. Thanks Chaz

  8. That’s nice I guess?

  9. Because i’m a dad too, i’ll shill our own product, but it would apply to just about any brand really. I’d suggest a 135, in our line it would be a 135 Attack plan (flat camber) or a 135 Rounds (reverse camber). for the ne, i’d personally suggest the flat-camber bbut YMMV.

  10. SCOT says:


    I am planning to buy either the 159 Westmark or a 157 Blacklist. My reasoning is nothing out there shouts all mountain fun stick quite like them. I have considered the NS SL, NS Proto CT, Jones Mountain Twin, nitro SubZero, and the Yes Greats. I have chosen to go with the traditional size for me, because I want to be more all mountain than park.

    I am approximately 195lbs, I wear size 10.5us boots. My riding style is more about throwing 1s off of the side of a groomer, buttering and ground tricks, chasing powder when it is available and running through the baby park when the opportunity arises (either conditions are not great on the rest of the mountain or the run goes past it). My preference is a stable ride at speed, but is willing to spin.

    What do you think? Have I chosen the right board? Out of these 2 which option would thing is best the 157 blacklist or the longer Westmark? Or have I totally fallen for the hype and chosen the wrong board?


  11. Kris says:

    No Merwin boards? seriously?

  12. Never heard of Merwin.

  13. kostas says:

    what about forum snowboards? what’s your opinion for the destroyer doubledog?

  14. Get them now they’re collectors items.

  15. kostas says:

    i know , but seriously i am between the destroyer doubledog and the burton sherlock!!
    the first with forum republic bindings and the second with the burton cartel.
    please help me choose !

    thanks anyway …

  16. Those are two entirely different boards.

  17. kostas says:

    why ?
    they are hybrid rockers with rocker-camper-rocker…
    what am i missing?

  18. No they’re not ones rocker ones camber with reverse. Two entirely different boards. Sherlock is designed for powder freestyle, double dog is for all around.

  19. chrisp says:

    trying to select a board….been about 3 years with RIDE DH 157…about 6’0, 195lbs…beginner/intermediate lvl boarder….trying to select a freeride or all mtn board..any suggestions??

  20. Arbor Coda, Yes Great Dudes, Nitro Rook would be great starting points.

  21. chrisp says:

    THANKS…will look into those boards!

  22. your reviews suck says:

    really sims and echelon?

  23. Oh no an anonymous Internet hater does not agree and has an IP Address from Little Rock Arkansas. Tell me how much snowboarding you do there, please!

  24. Ziggy says:

    Soooo, when are the 2014 board and binding reviews happening?

  25. When it stops snowing and I stop riding gear for review.

  26. mike says:

    Hey Angry, love the site. Enjoyed reading the many reviews this year.

    I pretty much rode my unity reverse exclusively this year, however the yes greats board really has caught my attention.
    Would you say the two share some ride qualities with the Yes being more play playful?

    Thanks, mike.

  27. Mike I would say the Yes has better snap, is a bit lighter, and holds an edge a lot better. It’s also not as damp as the Unity which makes it more lively.

  28. mike says:

    Thanks for the response. I actually just pulled the trigger on one, could not pass up 215$ And with time left in the season, I’m extra stoked now. I’ll be the one with the shit eating grin at abay next week :D

  29. […] gets going it'll be hard to find. Ask questions if you wish, pm if interested $300 plus shipping. Won an Award __________________ Snowboarding […]

  30. Anthony says:

    Great site! I’ve been riding rental gear since I started riding 20 years ago and finally getting my own set up. I’m looking at Burton Sherlock, Custom Flying V, or the Ride Berzerker. I’ve read good things about the Berzerker and mixed reviews on the Sherlock and Flying V. Leaning towards the Berzerker but not sure if it’s too advanced for me. Any advise would be great. Also, any suggestion for decent boots/bindings without breaking the bank?

  31. Best boots the ones that fit your feet. Berzerker is a meh just sort of there board. Sherlock has its place but it’s not a do everything jack of all trade boards for most people.

  32. KC says:

    Are you planning to review any of the bataleon boards? I’ve wanted to try the tbt but they haven’t had a demo day and I don’t wanna buy it until I’ve ridden it or read a few reviews.

  33. KC says:

    I was looking at the evil twin I should have said that

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