2013 Arbor Westmark Used and Reviewed

The Westmark is one of those boards that I think just about anyone could ride and be content. It handles it all and does well. Three years ago if you said I would be riding Arbor boards for park and loving them I and a few others probably would have laughed you out of the room, but time changes and so do companies. Arbors found a way to adapt and the Westmark is a solid choice in the old stunt reservation.

Board: Arbor Westmark

Size: 153

Camber Option: The Park System. Center reverse camber with Griptech under foot.

Bindings: Raiden Phantoms

Stance: 22.5 Wide 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Boots: K2 UFO Size 10

My Weight: 165

Resort: Copper and Breckenridge

Conditions: Firm rock hard groomers in the morning at Copper with a bit of softening up and possibly the deadliest terrain park on earth. Breckenridge in slushy mashed potato snow in the afternoon under bluebird skies.

Flex: Middle of the road park flex. Noticeably softer in the tips stiffening up under foot and with a good amount of torsional give.

Stability: You get some death flap in the nose when charging hard into chunder and the torsional give probably isn’t super ideal for death snow but it gets the job done if you stay light on your feet.

Ollies: You can snap this board up in the air on anything. It loads and pops so well it’s amazing.

Pop On Jumps: This board is meant to hit jumps of varying size and caliber without issue. The pop over all is so easy to set up and get that last minute boost off the lip that you don’t have to fear it.

Butterability: Softer tips and reverse camber it doesn’t get easier than that.

Jibbing: The nose has an abrupt kick with a wide flat spot that allows for locking into presses. This board is just at home jibbing as it is jumping.

Carving: Griptech works and as much as some people will bitch about extra bumps in the sidecut who gives a fuck. You can rail a hard turn and really drive through carves whether short or long.

Rider in Mind: All mountain park rider that wants to play around on the mountain but needs more than what the Draft can offer.

Personal Thoughts: It’s kind of a given that I would like this board based on the fact it’s a narrower version of the Blacklist which I have owned two of. It handles just like it but with a little less surface area which I personally prefer. Jumps, Jibs, Tranny Finding, Butterying, Side Hits, etc. etc. it handles them all with a breeze this deck is solid.

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  1. Brendan says:

    Hi. I like your reviews, and value them…
    I am thinking of buying this board, and I thought I would ask your two cents worth.
    My background: skateboarding for 29 years snowboarding for 5
    158 pounds, boot us10

    Warm up in the park, then I pretty much ride the mountain like a san Francisco downhill. Hitting everything that I can.
    always the french / Swiss alps.
    Hi had a forum scallywag which I loved, till it died ,sidewall blew out from a rock impact…
    It was a bit too loose and the washouts annoyed me.
    My knee jerk reaction was the ride machete. ( double thickness rails)
    Amazing on kickers, but a bit too stiff for buttering / jibs

    Stuck between the 153 westmark and the 155 arbor draft
    Or anything else you could suggest.
    Thanks in advance

  2. You’ll find that Draft way too soft you would be better with the Westmark or even a Blacklist just for the stability of it being a midwide.

  3. brendan says:

    Ok thanks. I am guessing the blacklist would be slightly stiffer? The west mark definitely ticks all the boxes.

  4. It’s not really stiffer just more stability since it’s wider and I like the shape on it a bit more than the Westmark.

  5. brendan says:

    Ahhh Decisions… thanks for all your help.
    153 westmark or 154 blacklist.
    Splitting hairs i know, too many months to stew on it…

  6. larrylbt says:

    ive had a few ppl say this board rides weird when flat based and they didnt like it, any thoughts? does it ride any diff then another flat based/rocker board?

  7. larrylbt says:

    also, meaning as they said its better when on a edge instead of flat…i dno…. ive considered this board for my do it all board, i ride probally 75/25 mtn/park but on the mtn im always hitting side hits, tree runs, jumps..what ya think? or need a diff board

  8. Northwest Rider says:

    How do you compare jibbing with this board to other jib specific boards you have ridden?
    I am between this or the Bataleon Disaster, but the Disaster seems too soft for my liking.
    Also, I’ve seen Vine ride this on just about everything so I’m pretty sure it will work for me if it works for him!

  9. If you’re a competent rider no problems at all. It’s a well rounded park stick that doesn’t just lend itself to one aspect of park riding.

  10. Chris says:

    How noticeable is the flex difference between the Westmark and the Draft. I know that the Draft is known for being super soft….but after looking at the specs for each board…they have the exact same construction. Just confused as to how the flex could be all that different.

  11. You’re not looking at how they mill the core to get the flex in there. It’s noticeable.

  12. fred says:

    stuck between the westmark and the forum doubldog any suggestion?

  13. Forum is now a collectors item so plus one to that. But two different rides. One has just center reverse the other has center reverse with camber under foot. Kind of comes down to what you want the deck to do.

  14. fred says:

    how does the westmark handle in back country?

  15. It’s a reverse camber twin park board how do you think it handles?

  16. JR says:

    I was thinking of getting the westmark after reading your review , but this year Arbor used used an extrude base. I tried looking for 2011 sintered version in a 159, but there all gone. Personally i only like to ride sintered bases. Whats the closest thing to the westmark out there in terms of flex, pop, grip, butterability,, but with a sintered base? Rome agent rocker, Postermania?

  17. Oh NOEZ A SINTERED BASE. You won’t notice it.

  18. RS says:


    I really like your review, thanks to it i want to buy the Westmark.
    I have only one question, how does it come that you have this board in red?? I can only buy it in blue and black.
    But red one I prefer.

    kind regards

  19. JC says:

    Im ready for a new board and really am leaning towards purchasing an Arbor. I am not too keen on park riding but enjoy going into trees, riding in pow, speeding down the mountain, and having fun hitting any natural jumps or kickers i can find. Im considering either purchasing the Arbor Westmark or Coda and was curious as to which one had more stability at higher speeds and which one leans more towards a park/freestyle board.

  20. Westmark = Park, Coda = All Mountain Freestyle. From what you’re describing you want the Coda.

  21. JC says:

    Alright thank you i think ill be picking up the coda sometime in the next several weeks

  22. Andrew says:

    Hi, Angry!
    I’ve been looking more at combined camber profile park boards like the EVO or Destroyer DD. But your reviews make me think of buying an Arbor lol. I just can’t decide between the 159 Westmark and 157 Blacklist. I’m 160 lbs and 6 ft, size 10 boot. I am currently riding a 157 Parkstar, I love it for versatality and middle flex, but would like a bit more stability when charging super hard. Thanks!

  23. The Blacklist is just the mid wide version of the Westmark.

  24. Andrew says:

    Yeah, I know, wider = more stable, don’t you think 157 is a bit short for me riding park to pow?

  25. david says:

    Angry I’m lookin for bindings to maych my arbor blacklist. I had the phantoms completely break off and looking for somethinf similar. Maybe it was a defect but any other bindings suggestion? 50 % small to med kickers and rest jibs and rails thanks

  26. I ride that on a 54 Blacklist and I’m 6 foot 170.

  27. Rome 390 boss or Mod Boss?

  28. david says:

    Mod boss how’s that? Just compared to the 390s?

  29. Sorry in my early morning stupor it’s Mob Boss. It’s a unibody binding so it’ll flex different and be lighter weight.

  30. Brandon b says:

    Is the draft that much softer then the westmark?

  31. Brandon b says:

    I won the burton blunt last year and it was too stiff so the draft would be a better pick

  32. John Dough says:

    Hey dude,

    Like many of the others, i typically see and read your reviews when i google a product, so thanks for putting the work in. currently, i am on the capita kick and been rocking an indoor and ultra…mostly the ultra as my local hill is more geared for the park rider.

    how would you compare it against the ultra if you hvae ridden them…would you say this is a looser version of the indoor since the rocker is continuous throughout? just wanted to get some arbor vs. capita facts if you have any…weight, stiffness, etc.

    thanks in advance.

  33. I haven’t ridden an Ultra Fear since the first year it came out. I’ve heard they stiffened it up a little bit since then. Going off what I do know I would say the Westmark is a hair stiffer. Weight? Like board weight? Fuck if I know strap the shit on and ride best way to decide if it’s an issue to you, which it shouldn’t be. This board isn’t loose by any means though.

  34. John Dough says:

    thanks for the feedback. just curious and wanted to try something different out…seems solid.

  35. Adam Lacki says:

    Hey I was wondering how tall you were when using the Westmark. I’m 5’9” and 133 lbs now and been using the Burton Dominant (2011 I think) for 2 years now and it’s size 154 (seems sorta small but lotta people tellin me its good still for park). My main riding is in the park and jumps as well, like 60/40 and also I still need a board for all mountain when ridin in Colorado so would this be the right board? And what size? I’ve also been looking at the Lib Tech Box Scratcher (2013 model). Btw great review! Thanks for the help man.

  36. Height doesn’t mean shit its your weight that drives a board. This board handles all mountain use. You can do a 53 or smaller at your weight.

  37. Adam Lacki says:

    Alright thanks man, I was just always told and taught how your height affects what size board you should get but now I know

  38. Adam Lacki says:

    Hey whatup angry, I was just wondering how you would say the 2014 model of the westmark compares to the previous 2013 model. Is there a noticeable difference between the two or you think either one would be good? Just wanna know before I spend an extra $150 if they’re basically the same considering they have all the same features basically. thanks.

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