2012 Smokin Snowboards Preview

What were you doing fifteen years ago? Well Jay Quintin the owner of Smokin started making his first decks and it’s only gotten better since then. With their own blend of humor on graphics coupled with continuous advancements in the technology they utilize Smokin keeps on progressing. This year they’re offering four camber options across 16 different models.

Twin Shape
Sizes: 147, 151, 155, 158

Pinner (base)
D.I.R.T. Rocker
Sizes: 156, 159, 162

D.I.R.T. Rocker
True Twin
Sizes: 144, 148, 152, 156

Lane Knaack Pro Model
True Twin
Sizes: 150, 155, 160

Kyle Clancy Pro Model (Salasnek Tribute Graphic)
True Twin
Sizes: 149, 154, 159

Corey Noble and Jeff Kramer Graphics Pictured

Joakim Rasmussen and Deadlung Graphics Pictured

Team Series Pro Model
Anti Rocker
True Twin
Sizes: 148 (Joakim Rasmussen), 152 (Deadlung), 156 (Corey Noble), 159 (Jeff Kramer)

Mail Order Bride
True Twin
Sizes: 148, 152, 156

Clash Rocker
Sizes: 154, 156, 159, 159W, 162, 162W, 166, 166W, 172

Vixen (Left)
Clash Rocker
Sizes: 144, 148, 153, 156

PYT (Right)
Sizes: 139, 143, 147, 152

Mail Order Bride, Kyle Clancy (Talladega), and Hooligan

Not pictured Big Wig, Super Park, Super Park LE, Thanks, and Buck Ferton

Camber Profiles:

D.I.R.T Rocker: Flat binding to binding rocker binding to tip

Anti-Rocker: Completely flat throughout the entire effective edge

Clash Rocker: Positive camber outside the bindings, rockered between the bindings

Tradtional Camber: Positive camber throughout entire effective edge

Causes controversy!

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  2. Matze says:

    Very nice boards for the next season!

  3. Andrew says:

    The duck hunt graphic is fun!

  4. Jesse says:

    wait, is the super park on here?

  5. Not pictured but still in their line up.

  6. Bolton says:

    I see you listed the Superpark LE. Is that going to be a new rocker or will that be the CTX(clash) rocker?

  7. Smokin says:

    The limited edition “beat it KOOK” board will be the same as the Superpark- CTX.

    The team, pro model,MIP, PYT,Mail Order Bride are all ATX(flat)- the only flat/magne traction boards you can get- the team is raving about flat magne boards, so we actually listen- evan though the public is screaming for rocker boards…

  8. Drew says:

    Anyone know the flex on the Lane Knaack pro and the Deadlung 152cm?

  9. PA ALL DAY says:

    what’s the softest board for the 2012 lineup? Kyle or Lanes?

  10. I think they’re based off the same core/model so similar flex.

  11. that one guy says:

    mad in the US yes. but they’re all junk. big bummer…

  12. that one guy says:

    i meant “made”. Sick team though! heads in the right place to bad quality isn’t

  13. JV says:

    Did you get to ride a few of these decks? They ride ok?

  14. Ridden a few they’re solid.

  15. the dude says:

    too bad Jay isn’t as cool as he makes out his company to be…. I thought it was all about riding and not money..shame.

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