2012 Salomon Powder Snake Used and Reviewed

With this board it just happened to have the skies open up and dump pow day after day. My mornings were spent on this board slithering around the mountain from one stash to the next. Face shot after face shot, soul slash after soul slash, this board just delivered me to the goods. Here’s how it rode.


Board: Salomon Powder Snake

Size: 163

Camber Option: Pow Rocker

Bindings: Salomon Chiefs

Stance: 22.5

Angles: 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Boots: K2 T1 DB Size 10

My Weight: 160

Resort: Breckenridge

Conditions: Two spring powder days with it starting light and fluffy and turning into mashed potatoes by mid day.

Preconceived Notions: Sick Stick shape with Riot construction making for a more affordable quiver board.

Flex: Torsionally a little bit stiffer with a bit of play in the tips due to the rocker. Not a dead plank pow stick. *Production model I was told will be a hair stiffer*

Stability: Not insanely damp but enough to allow you to crush through some serious frozen chunder when you would encounter it.

Ollies/Pop: There’s a fun little sweet spot in the tail that lets you pop up and mash pillow lines. Over all it’s not meant to be a crazy poppy deck.

Butterability: Pow butters are a lot of fun on this thing especially if you’re trying to do it while getting a face shot. On hard pack it’s fun but the tip shape is a little catchy.

Cruising: Pow turns are obviously easy but on hardpack you could feel the equilizer sidecut grip and lock into carves. I found myself just laying trenches on groomers with ease. Turn initiation takes zero effort and rolls on edge.

Jibbing: I did one nose press on this thing at the end of the day when I was cutting through the park to go home. Honestly it’s jib-able but I don’t see why you would unless you’re doing tree rides and blasting off the pow.

Rider in Mind: It’s a pow stick for 400 bucks so it’s a cheaper quiver board.

Personal Thoughts: I’ve always dug the Sick Stick which the shape is based off of, but that deck just never held up like a traditionally built deck. This board delivers in that aspect but is actually a bit stiffer in my opinion than the Sick Stick. Over all it’s a fun ride for playing around in the pow and with the $400 price range it makes a pow deck a bit more accessible to the masses.

What They Say: There’s nothing else in snowboarding like the Powder Snake. Our best selling park board—built for the backcountry. Popster core, Sintered base, and a Tapered Twin shape with Pow Rocker profile. Next time it gets deep, give your rail board a rest.

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  1. whoa says:

    Good review! Stoked to here that it carves well.

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  3. ben says:

    how do you think this thing would hold up as a splitboard? i was thinking of splitting a sick stick, but the construction has me a little worried as far as the durability is concerned. have been looking for a shape like this in a production split for a while now, but nobody seems to have gotten there yet.

  4. Well it’s the Riot construction so it’s not going to be as spongy compared to the Sick Stick. The metal inlays in the tip might be a bit of a worry when cutting it so I’d say get it laser cut if you can. Have you checked out Venture yet I think the Odin has a shape similar to this. You can also get a Summit Split from Never Summer that would be similar as well. But over all I think if you have a good split and it’s done right it would make a solid board.

  5. ben says:

    i did check out the odin and the summit but they’re not all that different from the prior spearhead that i have now. stiff, tapered and fairly set back. the spearhead is a 166, and i’d like something a little softer and shorter that i can ride more centered. i’m in summit county, so it’s not super deep too often around these parts and for those days i’ll hold onto the prior.

    i hadn’t considered the metal inlay, so thanks for bringing that up. i’m wondering how it would split on a water jet? do you know of anyone in denver with a laser?

  6. Got to love our low snowpack here in Summit. I’ve never split a board so I’m virtually worthless when it comes to this. I’d say hit up splitboard.com or splitboarding.com or whatever that site is I’m sure there’s someone on there that can point you in the direction of someone that can do it.

  7. E says:

    Angry, interested in the Powder Snake. i am 135lb, size 10 boot. Would you suggest the 153 or 156?
    Also is the board fun on a non-pow day or would you not bother?


  8. You can ride it on hardpacked fine. I’d say if you want straight pow slaying 56 more playful fun 54.

  9. DaveT says:

    Hi bud.
    Would you say it rides long or short. I’m trying to decide between the 160 and 163.

  10. bc pete says:

    Quick question, I picked up a powder snake 160, I wear a size 11 boot, 160lbs. I have a little bit of overhang but I really wanted this board so I ducked out to make it work. Now all the reviews rave that this board can carve up the groomers and spit them out, but every time I lay down a turn – I feel like I am going to wash and spin out, I know it’s a powder board and not meant for the groomers. But does the washy feeling have to do with my overhang and too much weight on the edges of the board? This is also the first board I’ve had with out magna-trac and/or vario. Could I just be too used to those edge holds?


  11. Pete when you go to lay a carve try bringing in your steering right under foot and not trying to drive from further out. That board needs to be ridden like a skateboard where you steer underfoot. Also are your bindings centered or pushed forward that could change things, know it’s a retard rookie question to ask but never know.

  12. tom says:

    Im thinking about getting the powder snake…what would you give it out of 10 for pow and normal piste

  13. I don’t give non quantifiable numbers.

  14. the Shogun says:

    Hey, nice review. I got a Bataleon Omni for this season, but haven’t been that impressed with its float in the Japan pow (although last outing when I had the bindings all the way back really improved matters), I’m also a little unhappy with the squirrely arse that TBT seems to bring when running flat, so been on the sniff for a new board. I’ve noticed that the snake is available for $295 and is well in the range I can convince myself to buy one :) …….what do you reckon? Although not flat out back country hucker, I do love to dabble in the side pow that Japan resorts love to hold, slashing through easy trees and poaching lift lines……what say you man?

  15. Go get it and enjoy that white fluffy stuff just watch out for random Godzilla attacks.

  16. the Shogun says:

    mate, just pulled the trigger on it………was available for $280!!! At that price it would be rude to have not bought it! Even the Missus can’t complain!! cheers for the review, happy shredding!! :D

  17. rik says:

    hey dude, nice review, im 184cm and 95kg and usually ride a 160 volkl, for pow do u think 160 or 163 or 166 on this board? do i go bigger or smaller or same? its my first pow specific board, thx man, nice review too.

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