2012 Salomon Mans Board Used and Reviewed

How do you effectively write a preface to a review about a board that’s simply named The Mans Board? It’s a harrowing question when you think about all you could write to encompass the manliness of a piece of wood that only men of the manliest variety could ride. So the real question is are you man enough to read this review?


Board: Salomon The Mans Board

Size: 162

Camber Option: Cam-rocker. Camber between the feet and rocker in the tips.

Bindings: Salomon Cheifs

Stance: 22.5

Angles: 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Boots: K2 T1 DB Size 10

My Weight: 160

Resort: Breckenridge

Conditions: Spring sunshine with about a half a foot of fresh powder that was on the heavy wet side then the mid day park laps in the best park in North America.

Preconceived Notions: It’s a Mans Board not to be confused with a Womens Board.

Flex: Stiff this is a board that takes work to muscle it around. There’s a bit of torsional give between the feet but over all the board is designed for hard charging that demands you always give it all your attention. The tips even though they are rockered are still stiff.

Stability: Insanely stable in pow, chunder, chop, groomers, and trees. This board is meant for hard charging, fast riding, and real manly stuff like riding over that Sasquatch Harry Henderson!

Ollies/Pop: This board wasn’t overly poppy it just sort of got the job done but let me wanting more.

Butterability: It’s a mans board and hence you have to really put the effort in to pressing this thing on the snow.

Cruising: Whether railing deep hard charging turns on heavy Northwest style snow or on freshly groomed corduroy this board gripped well. There was never a time when it just felt like the edge wouldn’t hold.

Jibbing: Takes a lot more work to get a good proper press out of this thing but it’s doable probably if I had another 30lbs on me I could have.

Rider in Mind: Someone that wakes up in the morning, goes out and kills the pig he eats for bacon, chokes a chicken till eggs shoot out its bum, and then cooks the manliest breakfast ever. Afterwards he’ll trim his beard and then go shred his face off while listening to only the loudest metal music on the planet. No seriously though it’s not a board for the feint of heart so bring the A game.

Personal Thoughts: I honestly think it’s too much board for me and what I’d use it for. If the flex was softened up a hair it might be something more I’d be interested in.

What They Say: The pop of bamboo and the bomb-proof strength of basalt; The Man’s Board with ABC Green Roll Construction is a backcountry bully, with the biggest balls in the room. A quick-turning shape, perfectly balanced with Cross profile for stable response and rock solid landing and take-off tracking. Step back, step up – or step aside, and let Bode and Taka show you how it’s done. FEATURED ARTIST: DAVE BANKS Dave worships Batman, almost never wakes up before 2pm (except to go snowboarding) and lives on a strict diet of pizza, Cheetos, chocolate milk and beer.

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  1. RELz1 says:

    Have been checking this board out, i too weigh 160, 6″0 and 9.5 boots. I carve down the whole mountain. Sometimes i like to explore the park too at times, so i think im gonna go with the 159. Overall i think this will be a great board for the season and cant wait to get my hands on it.

    However, i hear some doubts about the stability of the bamboo sidewalls, whats your take?.

  2. It’s kind of hit or miss on those. I don’t think they’re as durable to certain kinds of impacts like snags and what not but for things where you land hard and deep flex out the board they don’t crack. Your call since it’s your money.

  3. Mayer says:

    Question – In the market for a new board and the Man’s board came up. I am 6′, weigh 180 lbs and have a size 13 boot. I’ve been riding a 156 Rosignol board for 7 years now and want to upgrade to the 159 or 162 Man’s Board. I have already upgraded my bindings to the Flow back release. What are your thoughts on the board size and board for me?

  4. It’s not a board for everyone that’s for sure. I would go for the 59 at your weight.

  5. Koem says:

    thanks for the review! i really like this board, but with my two years of experience it does look to “mans” for me!

  6. Jake says:

    This Board is sick for all mountain free-riding. I’m from AK and it is the perfect board for our main resort Alyeska and riding back country. It absolutely charges through chop and is nice and stable for big drops and charging through tracked pow. I wouldn’t recommend it for park riding but for big mountain riding its the best I’ve ridden. Im 6’3″ and ride the 165. The waste width is just big enough for my sz. 12 boots.

    pros: Snappy performance, ability to point and charge, stability at speed
    cons: You have to be on your game at all times or you will catch an edge and eat shit

  7. Drew says:

    So I rolled my ankle 3 weeks ago and its pretty tender still. I had this 165 man’s board in my basement still in plastic that needed to be thrashed. I’m 6 foot 190 and just cam off a 6 year old Burton custom 162. the Burton was a bit narrow and at time let me down at high speed and suck in POW. 1st thing i noticed is the board is soft in comparison to the Burton, Both tip to tail and torsionally. I had to ride super easy on it and was not able to get it up to working speed yet, but found it easy to ride and very forgiving. I was not able to get the razor sharp carve at low speed like I did the Custom but did notice it swallowed up the crud nicely. I am used to a directional board with a little more nose than tail and did find it a little different. The slightly rockered tip and tail feel strange and a bit sloppy, I’m very glad I didn’t go with a full Rocker board. I think high steep speed will show this boards true colours and I cant wait to get it is some deep snow. Strangely I had a lot of people interested in the board and liked the look, I think its ugly, but it got good reviews. So for all of you who are afraid of the MAN board, I think you will find it a lot easier to ride if you are like heavy, in fact I will let you know if its not man enough when my ankle feels better.

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