2012 Salomon Chief Bindings Used and Reviewed

Anyone remember when Salomons original series of bindings was the SP series with corresponding numbers? Probably not but those bindings take me back to when companies were really starting to play around with technological progression on our grippers. Fast forward all these years and Salomon has made a binding that truthfully is the Chief. After tooling around on it for a few days here’s what can be said.


Board Used: Salomon Powder Snake, Salomon Man Board, and Arbor A-Frame

Stance: 22.5

Angles: 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Location: Breckenridge and Arapahoe Basin

Conditions: Puking snow, sunny bluebird, over cast crap, spring conditions to the revenge of winter, and everything else in between.

Boots Used: K2 T1 DB Size 10

Weight: 160lbs

Binding Compatibility: 4 hole all mountain binding that could handle everything put in front of it.

Binding Adjustability: Tons of tool free options from the toe ramps, straps, and of course the forward lean. Also options for strap placement and highback rotation.

Straps: The heel strap is designed so that when you crank it down it still cinches well over your instep and locks you in. This provides a good amount of forward flex when driving hard from the ankles. The toe strap has been completely redesigned and fits a wider array of boot shapes. This new design really locked my boot in and held it down while distributing pressure across my forefoot evenly.

Highbacks: Did their job and had give in them where it was needed but were also rigid enough when driving hard through carves.

Binding Flex: That jack of all trades flex that allows you to slash powder but still charge harder crustier lines. Then when you get in the park it’s still able to give you the easy for jibbing but the stability and performance for jumps.

Ratchets: I was forewarned that these would be tweaked for production, but honestly there weren’t any issues. They did their job how you would expect them and never slipped. The one finger quick release works like a charm every time.

Rider in Mind: The guy that’s a fucking Chief and knows it. Roll into the park and dominate, slay powder with pride, gnarly steep lines are your bitch. It’s a do it all binding and for the guy that wants a binding that won’t pigeon hole his riding.

Personal Thoughts: Salomons bindings have come a long way from where they’ve started and this binding shows that. The heel strap contours real well around your boot and the new toe strap is something they’ve needed for years. By and by it’s a solid binding put in a lightweight package.

What They Say: The Chief is packed full of new tech for 11/12. Canted footbed, 3D Supreme ankle strap and our long throw Viper Ratchet. Our best binding for the advanced rider, on board every day— riding whatever the snow throws your way. Responsive, comfortable and built with quality.

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  1. Morgan C says:

    They’re good bindings sure, but be warned – Salomon customer service sucks. I needed a new tow strap for my Chiefs and tried every way to get a replacement. Didn’t happen. Contacted seller who contacted Salomon – no interest. Contacted Salomon UK, Salomon France… Wouldn’t buy again for this reason.

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