2012 Raiden Zero Used and Reviewed

The Zero is another binding in the Raiden line up that has had more tweaks to it over the years than Joan Rivers face. It’s these subtle tweaks that have allowed it to slowly become the binding it is today compared to just going for a full blown face lift and making it look like a bastard flying monkey with a talk show. Here’s how it rode for myself.


Board Used: Nitro Rook Factory

Stance: 22.5

Angles: 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Location: Snowbasin

Conditions: Sunny skies with a few clouds and high winds. The snow was firm with icy spots in it but the corduroy was fresh and there wasn’t any fresh snow in sight.

Boots Used: K2 T1 DB Size 10

Weight: 165

Binding Compatibility: It was probably a bit softer than what they would have recommended matched this board. Personally I think it complimented it pretty well.

Binding Adjustability: Has the standard toe/heel quick adjust, highback forward lean. Add to that an adjustable/removable toe ramp plus a heel cup that can be slid forward or backward into the ideal placement.

Straps: Toe strap has the oval shaped hole in it that allows for it to fit on just about every boot shape out there. The heel strap has little pads on the inside to distribute pressure and grip your boot better.

Highbacks: Is designed to have a more skate inspired feel to it giving better flex. You really notice this when you drive into the highback during butters or setting up ground spins.

Binding Flex: I’d say somewhere on the softer side of all mountain freestyle or possibly middle of the road with true freestyle. The mini disk does give more flex out of the baseplate due to minimalizing the dead spot.

Ratchets: Slid on and off like gravy without any issues.

Rider in Mind: The skate styled rider that’s going to be having fun buttering off a roller or hitting a jib in the park.

Personal Thoughts: For being a supposedly softer binding it really wasn’t under powering this deck at all and did the job I thought it would. The new toe strap is great for gripping the toe of my boot and doing its job. The new highback has a bit of give to it allowing you to push through it when you want to rather than pushing into it and hitting the proverbial wall.

What They Say: The NEW softer, FLEX Beam highback delivers skate-like flexibility, combined with lightweight performance making the ZERO binding, BOSS. The Zero has a re-designed toe strap that is minimal yet provides better foothold and contours to your boot in any setting. The performance side of this binding makes it great for park laps or hitting the rail down the street. The FTI AIR chassis now incorporates our Aluminum mini disc, providing the ultimate in board feel and flex. The Zero gives you the confidence to put it down on the flat landings without worry of bruising your heels. This binding is solid, lightweight, and made for all-terrain destruction.

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  2. yeaa says:

    How flexible are the highbacks compared to the rk30s and hurrithane?

  3. They’re not urethane so there’s not as much flex.

  4. Medeenz says:


    What do you think … Flux DS30, Raiden Zero or 390 boss with a Artifact Rocker for a park rat at bear mountain.

  5. I really dig the 390 Boss and all it’s customization but it’s going to come down to what you want in terms of flex and feel. The Flux will be the softest then the Raidens then the Romes.

  6. Medeenz says:

    Thanks for the reply

    I’m thinking of something just under mid flex cause I’ve always had cartels so I’m looking for something to help with the Jib game but still able to do jumps (20-30 footers max with tweeks).

    Which would you recommend? Do you think the bosses would be able to do that?

  7. Medeenz says:

    Of course something comfortable but it seems all of these bindings are pillows around the feet plus have some sort technology for increased board integration and flex.

    I’m thinking of the DS30 vs 390 boss. Zero’s got my attention from your reviews.

    Does the Cant help the flex of the binding for rocker boards so you can press the shit out of it?

  8. Cant helps your knees more than anything. I use the 390 bosses for everything.

  9. Adam says:

    Hi everyone, could someone help me, i have some raiden bindings 2012 with a 2 bolt alu disc where only 2 screws are inserted into the board, does this sound right? Thanks

  10. Yep it’s their mini disk.

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