2012 Never Summer Proto CT Used and Reviewed

20 years ago Tim and Tracey Canaday started a snowboard company based in the United States. Their goal was to build rock solid boards with quality craftsmanship. Today most companies that were around when they started are gone or have become shells of what they once were they continue trucking along as an independent manufacturer building boards in the U.S. The Proto CT is a culmination of 20 years of experience and progression.


Board: Never Summer Proto CT

Size: 154

Camber Option: R.C. technology. Reverse Camber between the feet with camber out in the tips.

Bindings: K2 Formulas

Stance: 22.5

Angles: 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: K2 T1 DB Size 10

My Weight: 165

Resort: Breckenridge

Conditions: Sunny bluebird, fresh corduroy, puking snow, about a foot of fresh pow, chunder, push mounds, chop, over cast skies, Brecks pristine park, and a whole gamut of conditions.

Preconceived Notions: I was emailed by Vince from Never Summer about this deck saying they created a blunted twin with a carbonium topsheet. It featured the SL construction with the Evo dampening. Basically a high end twin all mountain destroyer.

Flex: Comparable to the SL so past mid flexing twin and more towards slightly stiffer all mountain flex. There was a bit of torsional give between the bindings.

Stability: Never Summers are known for their dampness and this board didn’t disappoint. I’m pretty sure I ran over an Elk and it felt like hitting a garden hose.

Ollies/Pop: Real good snap out of the tips. The blunted shape and longer effective edge changes the ollie point. This gives you better snap especially off jumps.

Butterability: Not the best stick for it due to being designed for more hard charging. But now with that flatter blunted tip it really lets you get up on it and spin around.

Cruising: The longer effective edge really lets you dig in and rail a turn. With that added grip it doesn’t matter if you’re doing short carves or long drawn out ones you’ll be locked in perfectly fine.

Jibbing: The blunted flat spot is great for pressing even with the stiffer flex. Other than that it takes a bit more effort for other types of tricks on rails or boxes.

Rider in Mind: The guy that wants a true twin that’s light weight and will charge anything put in front of him.

Personal Thoughts: The Carbonium topsheet reduces the overall weight in the board which for some people that complain they’ll really dig that. The blunted shape and longer effective edge change the ride immensely and that’s one of the biggest things to note. For those that want a slightly stiffer twin deck that’s damp this would definitely be a great option for them.

What They Say: For the new 2011/12 Proto CT (Carbonium Twin), we’ve taken the powerful flex of the time tested SL, and blended it with the responsive dampening of the Evo to create the ultimate all mountain tru twin. This board has the versatility of Never Summers patented Rocker Camber Technology, our new Superlight wood core, graphite impregnated Sintered 5501 base and adds a whole new element into the proven Never Summer Carbonium Series of boards. Our new blunted, true twin shape cuts down material on tip and tail for a reduced, more balanced swing weight, while increasing effective edge for on snow stability. The Carbonium Proto CT is the future.

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  1. Jon K says:

    Our shop ordered a few of these Proto CTs for next season. Now I’m having a tough time figuring out what customer would be a match for it. I know who’s a SL type and I know who’s an Evo type. So who’s the Proto kinda guy? I know I am, just don’t know why. Help

  2. xtra steez says:

    When will companies other than Burton demo in Minnesota…I just don’t think I can pull the trigger on this without touching it. If I really like doing a lot of high speed butters and roller flat spins n such I’m guessing you’d go with the evo?and I don’t send anything over 25′. If that’s the case if I had 153 09 evo is the 154 going to feel a lot longer with the new shape?

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  4. cro says:

    jon k – i would say, if someone was leaning towards the sl but wanted to ride a little park and still mainly rides all mtn type terrain with maybe some all mtn freestyle thrown in id tell them to get the proto.

  5. Sebastian says:

    After some debating on Snowboardingforum.com, we kind of came to the conclusion that the Evo is for the jib-rat, and the Proto is for the jump-rat. Of course, they will both do anything you really want them too… I have no problem riding my Evo everywhere on the mountain. It’s just if you want to get specific, the Evo is better for jibbing and the Proto is better for jumping.

  6. masoupistoocold says:

    how did it go in the powder??

  7. Aaron says:

    Does anyone know if this will come in wide widths?

  8. dumy says:

    Angry….how much longer does the new blunted shape feel than the old shape ie. Evo/Revolver?

  9. Just rides a bit bigger due to more edge hold flat base it still rides like a 54.

  10. jason B. says:

    Angry, I’m in the process of buying another NS stick, but I can’t decide between 2010 Heritage vs. the ’11Proto CT..I know both are 2 different beasts but which one would you lean on more? I just like to go fast all over the mountain. I do enjoy park too but I have separate board for that. I’d ride the board in Mammoth and Tahoe area..suggestion please since you’re hella genius in these things. Thx!

  11. For what you’re looking for you want the Heritage.

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  13. Chris h says:

    Angry, I’m trying to decide between this and the Rome Agent Rocker. How do they compare in terms of stiffness and playfulness? Which would you go for?

  14. Agent is softer and more playful by a long shot. Neither.

  15. joeblow says:

    Thanks for the review Angry. I wanna buy one Proto but I have 3 questions.
    1. What size should I get? 154, 157 or another? I weigh around 187 lbs (at least I hope I still do) and my height is 1.86 cm (if that’s important).
    2. What bindings work with this? I ride mainly in resorts but I tried some powder and tree runs and would like to do more of those. I don’t go in the parks but I would like to do some butters and jump off some kickers and play around on the slopes (I can’t do that right now).
    3. For what I want to do (mainly all mountain + a little play) should I get the Evo or stick with Proto?


  16. 57 would suit your weight more. Every binding will work with it. Your call on either.

  17. joeblow says:

    Thanks for the response. you’ve been very helpful – with the response and the whole site.
    Just a little something – I think I didn’t say it right: i know everry binding works with the system. I was wondering what would go well with it, having in mind where I’m going to ride it.


  18. It’s really your call what you want I’d probably put something like the K2 Formula or Company on there or maybe the Rome 390 Boss or Raiden Phantom/Blackhawk

  19. joeblow says:

    Thanks for the suggestions. I was eyeing the 390 bosses for a while so you made pull the trigger.


  20. Pete says:

    As always, thanks for another great review. I’m looking to pick up of these for this season. I was hoping to have one deck that can do as much as possible: charge, jib, jump, slash, press, break through shit, upset mothers, etc etc. I’m 6’2″ and an even 170 lbs with a size 11.5 boot so obviously I’m looking at the CTX in this case. Can I get away with the 152 or should I just go with the 155?

    Thanks for your time and help. Keep up the good work.

  21. 52 if you want something more playful 55 if you want to have more stability.

  22. Mike says:

    Bitchen site. Like many others, I’m torn btwn the revolver and proto. Gonna have to buy without a demo. Ride about 50/50 btwn whole mtn and park. Lots of trees when there’s fresh. My park riding is mostly jumps and boxes. Not much on the rails. Current ride is a ’09 joystick and I’m looking for something with better edge hold in shitty snow, hence the NS rc and varrio. Your opinion please. Also, btwn proto and revolver, which would have similar flex to my current ride?

  23. Revolver will be close to that Joystick.

  24. Mike says:

    Revolver it is then. I’m 6’2″ and 195#. My current ride is a 163. What do you think between the 158 and 160?

  25. 58 more jibby and playful 60 more stable better for jumping.

  26. Ronin says:

    Hey, how was the Proto in powder?

  27. Matt says:

    For charging jumps and hauling ass, how does this compare to the Nitro Rook? I love my Rook for screwing around, but am looking for something a little more… solid I guess. I’m also 10lbs over the weight limit of my Rook at this point though, so I may just get a bigger size Rook eventually. What’s your opinion?

  28. If you want something more damp for charging then yeah it’ll one up the Rook for sure.

  29. Matt says:

    Right on. I suppose I better start saving haha

  30. JL says:

    Hey Angry,

    Thanks for the review…I’d really appreciate you help. After a long search I’ve narrowed down my choices to the following:

    1) NS Proto CTX 158
    2) Arbor Blacklist 157
    3) Lib Tech Attack Banana 159w
    4) Never Summer Legacy (159)
    5) Lib Tech Skate Banana

    I’m looking to go all around the mountain, which I’ve been doing for many years but also looking to learn some Park this year. I know these boards are quite different from each other but they all claim they ride great all around the mountain and in the park . I used to ride a Burton Custom X which I found very stiff and unforgiving for my style of riding. My weight is between 190 – 195 lbs. Would really appreciate your input!

  31. JL I’m a huge fan of the Blacklist. I haven’t ridden an Attack Banana nor have I been on a regular Banana in probably 4 years. Proto and Legacy are too similar you might go Revolver instead if you go NS.

  32. YellowThunder says:

    Sup dude. Love your reviews.

    I got into snowboarding in 09 and bought a skate banana (only board I ever rode) and it was a piece of fucking shit. So this year I went ahead and bought the proto. Season hasn’t started yet, but so far this year I bought the Ride Hi-Phy boots and the Proto and was wondering what bindings would fit well with this set up. I read your Rome 390 boss review and that looked sick.

    P.S. I’m not tryna get back on my forces. Those were a piece of shit as well.

  33. The 390 Bosses are a solid match up for that board I’d say also check out something like the K2 Formulas as another option and give the Raiden binding line a look over something like the Phantom of Blackhawk.

  34. YellowThunder says:

    Good lookin out. Will do.

  35. 'T' says:

    Hi Angry Snowboarder.

    I’ve decided I want to purchase the Never Summer Proto CT 2013 (all the 2012 line got sold out online).

    Can you recommend a what size should I get 154 or 157? My weight is 168lbs, height 5’9. I think I am on the cusp of either size. Been boarding three years now, getting up to very fasts speeds and hitting the parks as well.

    Also, can you confirm whether the K2 Cinch line (CTC/CTS/CTX) is compitable with this board?

    It’s says at the top of this web page “Bindings: K2 Formulas” not sure what means.


  36. Cinch sucks ass fuck those. Get a 54 and as far as the “Bindings: K2 Formulas” means those were the bindings I used.

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