2012 K2 Lifelike Used and Reviewed

Everyone wants a snowboard that’s Lifelike and not dead that does nothing. New for this year from K2 is this board designed for the guy that goes everywhere and needs a quiver of one stunt stick. After a couple laps around A-basin here’s how it stacked up.


Board: K2 Lifelike

Size: 160 Wide

Camber Option: Flatline so you know the drill lay it flat and there won’t be any rise to it.

Bindings: K2 Cinch CTX

Stance: 22.5

Angles: 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Boots: K2 T1 DB Size 10

My Weight: 160

Resort: Arapahoe Basin

Conditions: Early morning spring laps that consisted of some of the more firmer snow you’ll see this time of the year. Mix that with high winds and bluebird skies.

Preconceived Notions: Was told this is basically a beefed up Raygun and should be solid for the whole mountain.

Flex: Little softer than the Protohype where it had more give between the feet and a tad bit more flex in the tips. Torsionally you noticed this give the most.

Stability: Another super stable ride that wasn’t overly damp. Charging through chunder and over frozen moguls you could feel the definitions in the terrain. This gave it a bit of a lively feel and not so dead and damp.

Ollies/Pop: Good spring out of the tail for driving through carves or popping off rollers, side hits, and drops.

Butterability: That stiffer flex isn’t conduscive to buttering unless it’s of the high speed mach 10 variety.

Cruising: The sidecut rips and locks in perfectly for that smooth glide you want when bombing firm corduroy. Transitioning edge to edge there wasn’t any problem and if you pushed the center flex of the board to cause it to arc more through a carve you could feel that it just wanted to pop out the other side of the carve.

Jibbing: Not exactly a deck I’d consider for jibbing hit a few features nothing major if you’re down with 50-50’s you’ll probably like this.

Rider in Mind: The guy that’s going to be lapping the mountain hitting drops, ripping groomers, and spending a minimal amount of time in the park.

Personal Thoughts: Just felt like too much board for me personally. If I was riding lines then I’d be down or if it was just a day spent launching cornices and rocks, otherwise it’s not a deck I’m really in love with.

What They Say: The all New Lifelike takes on the snowboarding life with lightweight durability of Hybrilight Construction and Flatline neutral feel. The perfect deck for the rider that does it all in a single day on the mountain.

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  1. pacotaco says:

    is there a board in the k2 line thats like the this year darkstar? other than the parkstar

  2. I think the Happy Hour would kind of fit that mold even though it’s based more off the Believer.

  3. […] K2 Lifelike: Another example of being miss-marketed. Over all it felt a lot like a slightly watered down version of the Protohype and nothing special. Sure it comes in at a nice $399.95 price tag but I would sooner recommend the Raygun over this thing. Sorry K2 but I think you fell short on this one, maybe it’s the fact Tedore was going out the door, or you just wanted to revamp your whole line with something new. Either way big fella I’d take this board back to the drawing board. […]

  4. justashopkid says:

    I really liked this deck for me personally, it was stable, grippy, with tons of pop. Kinda reminded me of the Zeppelins of yesteryear, or “the Slayblades little brother”. I would not recommend the Raygun over this deck if you’re gonna ride hard and fast. I wouldn’t recommend any deck without knowing what the person was looking for. Sucks that this is on the first page of a google search.

  5. Kyle martin says:

    Hi I am looking at getting into snowboarding I did a little bit a few years back but noting major didn’t have m own board or anything. There seams to be a lot of mixed review on this board but would it be good forna beginner I am 6ft 1 89kg (14stone) would it be a 158? I am wanting to use it to go to snowdome to practice then go on holiday just want to do a bit of everything no massive jumps etc. If you could help would be appreciated cheers

  6. Kyle martin says:

    also would just like the board to be good at buttering carving few little jumps and box grinds etc so think I need kind of an all rounder? Cheers

  7. Kyle martin says:

    And size 10 uk feet sorry

  8. Kyle short answer no go get a K2 Raygun instead.

  9. Kyle martin says:

    Ok thanks for the advice would you also recommend a raygun over a artec gabe Taylor ? I have has mixed reviews off so many different people! Cheers for your help

  10. Never rode that board but I’m going to go with yes.

  11. giammin says:

    would you suggest raiden zero or wizard bindings with this board? Thanks

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