2012 K2 Company Binding Used and Reviewed

What’s a better name for a binding than The Company from possibly one of the biggest companies in snowboarding. New for 2012 this binding seems to be showing that it’s going to be a flagship model. After a few days of trying it out a couple different decks this is how it stacks up.

Board Used: K2 World Wide Weapon, K2 Protohype

Stance: 22.5

Angles: 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Location: Arapahoe Basin

Conditions: Sunny spring slush, firm hard snow, over cast skies, blue bird skies, the wide range of typical Colorado spring conditions.

Boots Used: K2 T1 DB Size 10

Weight: 160

Binding Compatibility: Little too much binding for the WWW but perfect for the Protohype.

Binding Adjustability: Ability to adjust the strap lengths, the setting of the top and bottom of the toe strap, toe ramps, and the highback forward lean is also incorporated into the rotation on the side of the chassis.

Straps: The uniqueness of the toe strap is that you can adjust the top and bottom part of its placement for optimal fit over your boot. The heel strap is designed to cover the instep but have give on the top and bottom. This allows the strap to better cup your foot near the ankle and drive into the strap.

Highbacks: The Highback grips the back of your boot almost like a suction cup to give you better hold in the heel pocket. The one thing you will notice is the highback height is about a half inch more than most others on the market, so think of it similar to the older Burton Cartel.

Binding Flex: The base is a little stiffer even with the abundance of padding which adds a lot to how damp it is. Over all the binding sits more towards all-mountain than freestyle.

Ratchets: Smooth as butter on a hot bagel. They don’t slip, they grip, and you can release them with one finger.

Rider in Mind: The bigger guy charging the mountain that demands peak performance and a damp ride from his binding.

Personal Thoughts: The canted footbed was nice because it wasn’t so much that it forced your knees into an awkward position it just aligned them the way it needed to be. What I think was over kill was how thick the padding and chassis was it honestly felt like I was sitting on a riser pad and really deadened the feel of the board. The suction cup on the highback was an interesting addition as you can actually feel it sticking to your boot unlike ones other companies claim. This could be due to the fact I do rock K2 boots and it is a K2 binding.

What They Say: Answering the call for a two-strap binding stacked with K2’s high-end feature set. The Company is the team choice for all situations. From jib fun to critical bangers, the K2 Company is a sound investment.

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  2. John says:

    Hey there,
    I’ve suffered a knee injury and have been trying to find a binding that’s more forgiving than my current SP’s but still responsive enough for poor/scottish conditions. I don’t suppose you could advise on how these fare on leg joints?

  3. Well John lucky for you unlucky for me I have a bad knee from a failed double backflip to concrete attempt. Needless to say canted footbeds in bindings are my new best friend. What I don’t like about these though was that they only have one set of cant which is like 3 degrees if I remember correctly off the top of my head. Which will help but I like options maybe you should check out the Rome Targas or 390 Bosses with adjustable canting.

  4. JL says:

    dont forget the nice cush of harshmellow :)

    Are these high backs taller than the formula’s highbacks as well? They look like the same design.

  5. The new formula is the same as this the old formula which is essentially the Indy is shorter.

  6. jon says:

    Would the Company be a good match with a Westmark/K2 Darko combo? More into jamming around the mountain than jibbing.

  7. Hell yeah they would.

  8. Jon says:

    Thanks man, already looking forward to next season!

  9. Jakemo says:

    Yo dude, been reading a bunch of your reviews, I’ve come to respect your opinion on gear. Question: I just ordered an OZ Varix 164 Wide, and I’m looking for some really solid all-mountain-to-freeride bindings. I focus a lot on groomers, bowls, glades, with the occasional jump. Been snowboarding for 14 years. Anything better than the K2 Company out there for ~$200? Thanks a bunch dude!

  10. Could probably pick up some last years stuff right now at all the fall sales for cheap. I would say look at the Rome Targa’s as well.

  11. Fithvael says:

    Hi there,

    I have been searching the web, but am still unsure which binding would fit my Ride Slackcountry the best. I am 75% on piste, 20% off-piste and 5% jumps/ 180’s etc

    Would the K2 Company (or Formula?) be a good match? Im also considering Rome Targa’s and Ride Capo’s

    Thanks in advance,


  12. Sounds like you want a stiffer binding for charging. I would say Targa, Company, or Capo are all good choices.

  13. Joe says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you’ve had experience with the 2013 K2 company and if there were any noticeable differences from the 2012 model. Thanks.

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