2012 Flow NXT AT Used and Reviewed

When it comes to all terrain versatility the NXT-AT is the binding of choice from Flow. Since the inception of this series it’s had tweaks to strengthen and lighten it. Now years later this has become the model of choice of many shralpers. So if you’re questioning giving the backdoor a try check out how it rode.

Board Used: Flow Verve

Stance: 22.5

Angles: 18 negative 15

Location: Winter Park

Conditions: Puking snow in the bitter cold with firm groomers and the worst terrain park on earth.

Boots Used: K2 T1 DB

Weight: 165

Binding Compatibility: For park riding the binding would be a bit over kill in the jib spectrum but over all for jumps and railing turns it matched up pretty well.

Binding Adjustability: Tons of adjustments from highback, cable tension, strap placement, and more.

Straps: The power strap across the top allows for a better pressure distribution. By doing this when you drive forward in your boot into the straps it allows for a more optimal control of the board.

Highbacks: They’re a lot better than they were and distribute pressure over the back of your boot instead of just being a flat panel that flips up.

Binding Flex: Definitely more towards the all mountain side of the category than anything else.

Ratchets: The locking mini ratchets were the greatest advancement in my opinion for adjustability with Flows binding line. By being able to micro adjust on the fly then lock them in place it’s made everything that much easier.

Rider in Mind: The guy that’s going to do it all with more emphasis on jumping or charging than jibbing.

Personal Thoughts: Flows have never really let me down in the last few years and while some people will knock them for being different they still get the job done. Granted on a deep pow day I’d still prefer a strap binding but that’s where the micro ratchets come in to allow you to pull the top strap right off and go in the front way.

What They Say: The NXT-AT is Flow’s most versatile and performance-oriented all-mountain binding, and many team riders’ favorite choice.

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  1. Leo says:

    Is it just the picture or are the straps meatier for next year?

  2. Aloaca says:

    Aside from speed entry.. would you describe the FLOW AT as being better at anything than a standard binding – better response? better power transmission due the front cuff? Just wondering if the main allure of FLOW is still the just the quick entry.

  3. There’s what’s called the power triangle from the base to the strap back to the highback. If you have a pair set up perfectly for you, it can be one of the most amazing feelings on your feet, if it’s not you will hate life and curse them as a binding manufacturer. The easy entry is secondary to the performance of how they actually ride.

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