2012 Flow Verve Used and Reviewed

Affordable and versatile aren’t two things that usually go hand in hand with a deck. This board has crossed those lines allowing shreds to have a solid deck they can play around with that won’t break the bank. Sure Flow is known for their bindings but did you know that they have a great board designer behind their shred sleds? Doubt it but here’s how the Verve stacked up.

Board: Flow Verve

Size: 155

Camber Option: EZ-Rock. Super mellow reverse camber combined with a convex base.

Bindings: Flow NXT AT

Stance: 22.5

Angles: 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: K2 T1 DB size 10

My Weight: 165

Resort: Winter Park

Conditions: Frozen groomers with puking snow and high winds. The temps were bitter cold causing the snow to be slightly abrasive.

Preconceived Notions: In the past this deck has been pretty damn soft to the point it’s like a porn stars cock without a fluffer.

Flex: A true proper middle of the road  flex in the dead center with slightly softer tips. Torsionally about the same when twisting it through a carve.

Stability: A lot more stable than in years past especially when charging the death plains of Winter Park.

Ollies/Pop: Way poppier than in years past you could just load the tips and snap out of it without any issues.

Butterability: We all know that any form of alternate camber lends itself to jibbing and buttering. So once again no real issue with this at all.

Cruising: Now this was the strongest point in the way this board rode. When you wanted to lock in for a carve it did just that and let you fly through the arc without any problem. It wasn’t so hooky that you were locked in but it was highly stable and felt solid when you’d push your back knee inward driving the tail through the turn.

Jibbing: Pressed fine and locked in real well like you would expect from a board with a hybrid alternate camber.

Rider in Mind: The park kid that’s doing a mix of jibs and jumps but will still cruise the mountain on a softer flex.

Personal Thoughts: Every year it just gets better and better. I think this year the design has finally locked in to what it will utilize with minimal tweaks over the next few seasons. In years past its felt a little wishy-washy at speeds or more suited to jibbing than jumping.

What They Say: The Verve is the perfect freestyle board for any park-specific shred.

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  1. Me Gusta says:

    Nicee never had a Flow deck but this one’s on my radar…digging the steady stream of reviews, hopefully you can list out some favorites or something at the end of all the madness

  2. Steady stream will be coming for a while still and once it’s over you can bet on a recap and run down comparing everything.

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  6. Jake says:

    How was this board on small jumps, like 40 feet or so?

  7. Jake says:

    I was thinking of getting this board as my 1 do it all quiver killer. It would be able to handle powder pretty well, right? I just want a little bit softer flex to be able to have some fun while going down the mountain cruising hitting little natural features and branches.

  8. Any snowboard will handle powder.

  9. paolo says:

    ciao! I am looking for this board. how is it on powder??? and would it be ok the 1149 size if i am 138 lbs


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