2012 Drake Snowboards and Bindings Preview

There used to be a time in the 90’s when Drake bindings ruled the market. Pros rode these and it was possibly the second largest binding manufacturer next to the big B. Some things changed along the way but they continued to keep making bindings. Now for 2012 they have a real wooden highback on their Hybrid binding and a board that’s a green option.

Alternate Colors: Black, White
Sizes: M, LG, XL

Fifty LTD
Features Straps and Buckles from the Reload
Sizes: M, LG, XL

Alternate Colors: Green, Black
Sizes M, LG, XL

Reload Risto
Sizes: M, LG, XL

Super Sport
Alternate Color: Black
Sizes: LG, XL

Super Sport a+
Sizes: LG, XL

Alternate Color: Photowhite (changes color in the sun)
Sizes: LG, XL

Hybrid (Real Wooden Highback)
Sizes: LG, XL

Color Options: Rasberry, White
Sizes: MD, LG

Not pictured Womens Jade and Queen

Camber and Flat
True Twin
Sizes: 149, 153, 156, 158

Triple Rocker
True Twin
Sizes: 148, 152, 154, 155W, 156, 157W, 159, 159W

Directional Twin
Sizes: 154, 156, 158

Not pictured Risto Mattila, Green Battle, Regent, Regent Rocker, Empire, DF1

Womens not pictured DFL, Misty, Venice, Charm,

Camber Options

Classic Camber

Triple Rocker: Rocker between the feet, camber under each binding, and finally rocker in the tips.

Flat Camber: Flat all the way out towards the tip where there is a micro rocker zone raising the tips up.

Continuum Rocker: Full center reverse.

Causes controversy!

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  1. David Z says:

    Looking good… Full footbed ftw. I found my old Drake Super Sports in the basement a few weeks ago and finally threw them out, cracked highback, but saved the ratchets & ladders just in case I need to perform an emeregency Frankebinder operation.

  2. Leo says:

    Hmmm… something mighty familiar about the 50’s toe strap.

  3. freddy the giant squid says:

    Are you seeing the union bindings relation..?
    I’m pretty sure the union lot used to work for drake?

    and the heelcup is mighty familiar too, thinking about it..

  4. gravityhomer says:

    I’m feeling kind of dumb, how do these bolt to the board? Do you lift the sole up?

  5. Herp says:

    Looks like the footbeds slide out into two pieces: a front and a back part. You can see the little locking mechanism…

  6. David Z says:

    Gravityhomer – see the screw in the footbed? It’s what attaches the foam footbed to the baseplate. Unscrew it, remove the foam pad, Underneath the foam pad is the mounting disc. :D

  7. You guys are all wrong Magnets hold them on.

  8. Happysnowboarder says:

    As someone who works for drake, I must correct you there angry. They are actually held on with a mixture of faith and luck, and a bit of old chewing gum.

  9. Herp says:

    Freaking magnets…how do they work

  10. Drake is putting down some sick designs for next year. Really digging the color schemes, especially the first orange and black binding.

  11. zombie22333 says:

    Taking roughly, in the market are only very few binding making companies. Drake is one which makes research in this area as well as Ride sds. Lets say Union is doing nothing new. They change the design every year. Maybe also Nitro

  12. Reality Check says:

    Zombie, you sound like you work at Northwave. Get back to making bike shoes and vadavialcu!

    Here are the facts for you that care.

    Drake was brought to success by some of the guys that own Union. Several sales reps and distributors also have ties. When all those people left Drake/NW that company went in the shitter. For those keeping score, the company is still in the shitter.

    Product wise, Rome, Nitro and Rome are all the same binding from the same factory (SBF in China). If you want to start up a binding company, pull together a few hundred thousand dollars and give SBF a call. You too can have this binding. Look close, there is no right or left. The base plates are simple tooling with a “fake you out” toe ramp that is the only anatomical piece on these bindings. Look a little closer: The only sizing difference is the heelcups being longer or shorter. Again, same simple base plates on all sizes, left and right.

    It’s all about getting out there and having fun, and you can do that on a T9 binding from 1995 no problem. But if you want to dissect product, do your homework. The only companies investing into product (outside of graphics) are Burton, Ride/K2, Union and Flow. Whoa, I just listed the top 5 in global binding sales.


    A boot designer

  13. Johan why don’t you just say who you are when you condescend to people and talk shit on companies?

  14. zombie22333 says:

    Please don’t say Burton, because Burton is one of the worst companies which makes snowboards. Thing is that I have boots from Burton and from Generics which is a branch of the Head. The difference is mind blowing, Burton equipment has very shitty quality they die after a year or less. Even if I compare the workmanship of the Burton Invader boots with Generics again Burton failed. They made themselves the name and nothing more, and yeah they make tons of equipment which is the same. Maybe about Ride you are right. But Burton is a shitty brand for sure.

  15. Alex Momot says:

    I live in Michigan and think that Drake is the only company who builds the best binding in the market. Nobodys ratchets compare to the strength of Drakes. I bought a brand new set of Tech 9s last year and I rode my ten year old Drake Deltas instead that have Ducktape around all the straps because Tech 9 absolutely blows. Half of these companies don’t sell a product they market to young kids with rich parents who buy name brand, not necessarily quality. I can’t find a place in the entire State of Michigan that carries Drake. Anyone have any ideas?


    Salve sarei interessato agli attacchi Drake Radar Nero XL oppure ai Drake Supersport Blue XL, che prezzo mi fate? Riuscite a spedirmeli in Italia? Grazie

  17. Kling says:

    I think you have a customer.

    “Hi I would be interested to attack Drake Radar Black XL or the Drake Supersport XL Blue, what price do me? Can you send them to me in Italy? thanks”

    On that note reviewing any Drake or Northwave this year?

  18. Big resounding NO on both.

  19. Spencer says:

    Hi, i currently have a pair of Drake Kings. I have just ordered a pair of Drake Reload bindings, just wondering if the straps, high back and heel cup are compatible with each other? I love my Kings but had strap problems last year on holiday and struggled to get them repaired, will be good to have some spares to take with me this year. I also cant find replacement straps for my Kings anywhere, do know anywhere that sells them?

  20. Be a DIYer and make it work if they don’t.

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