2012 Burton Mr. Nice Guy Used and Reviewed

Alice Cooper once sang, “No more Mr. Nice Guy” and he was definitely describing this board. This is the board designed off the input of team riders and infused with all of Burtons technology. Riding this it was evident that it fits for a niche rider. Here’s how it stacked up.


Board: Burton Mr. Nice Guy

Size: 158

Camber Option: Traditional Camber

Bindings: Malavita EST

Stance: 22.5

Angles: 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Boots: K2 T1 DB Size 10

My Weight: 160

Resort: Breckenridge

Conditions: Sunny with some clouds in the skies a mixture of dusting on mashed potato snow to ice patches.

Preconceived Notions: Supposedly this is more like the old UnInc than the Easy Livin is. Featuring traditional camber and squeezebox it’s supposed to be the stunt stick of choice for Keegan.

Flex: Little bit stiffer for a cambered jump board. Between the feet is where you’ll find the stiffest portion of the deck then the tips have a bit more give to it. Torsionally it’s still pretty rigid.

Stability: Going straight through chop and chunder wasn’t a problem at all it was really stable. It’s not a damp board by any means which gives it a bit more liveliness for playing around with.

Ollies/Pop: This is its strong suit the pop out of this thing was amazing for jumps and rollers. Load up the camber and away you’d go. Probably one of the more poppy cambered decks I’ve been on at this point for the 2012 gear.

Butterability: What little give there is in the tips still isn’t enough to really make this deck shine as being a solid butter stick. You really have to push hard into the board to get what you want out of it.

Cruising: The sidecut is so damn mellow it just wouldn’t rail a hard turn. I found it constantly slipping out on the ice or not getting any bit on the slushier snow as I was charging around the park.

Jibbing: Same thing as buttering it’s doable but take a bit more work.

Rider in Mind: For someone that’s still into traditional camber and liked what the UnInc was about I think that they’d probably dig this stick as it felt real comparable.

Personal Thoughts: This was not a fun board for me I gave it a go multiple times off multiple features and it just didn’t initiate turns how I wanted or pressed the way I felt it should. I understand who it’s built for and my best day isn’t even close to their D-Game but it was just a deck I couldn’t get into all that much.

What They Say: If you’re looking for the white rabbit, ask Keegan. Get lost like Alice in Keegan’s Wonderland. Graphic features original art from the 1865 Lewis Carroll Book.

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  3. Chris says:

    So not good for an all mountain twin? I’m on an MLF and loved it… but I love a board that can Charge turns of all sizes and types. Suggestions??

  4. If you want a stiffer cambered deck go for it. I thought this thing was a pile of crap and I’m not the only one I’ve heard talk shit on it. Are you just looking for a deck to charge carves on?

  5. ryan says:

    Ya well this board is 2012 Good Wood so they must have done something right. hah… get informed before posting such a drastic opinion.

  6. Why don’t you learn the truth about Good Wood and then come back with a real reason this board didn’t suck.

  7. Charlie says:

    I thought there was something wrong with it that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Fine doing a straight line and jumping off things but turning felt like I had to adjust my entire riding style. Fuck that.

    Comedy comment from ryan up there.

  8. LeRiethmiller says:

    If it’s like the Un..Inc then sign me up. Would love to rip on it soon.

  9. Pierce says:

    @ryan stfu and gtfo obviously youre not informed if youre basing your “knowledge” of the fucking good wood test maybe you should look into it a little more….this review is on point i rode this last year and feel the exact same way its for a niche rider thats fucking good

  10. Ryan tahoe says:

    On a 158 im thinkin your at the bottom of the weight suggestion for this board. Not sure what they are for this stick but I definetly think this might be a factor in butter and jib categories. I am considering this board but looking at the 52, 6’1″ 165lbs. I like em short tho … lookin at some other reviews and waitin on feedback here.

  11. So you don’t know the weight recommendations but you think I’m at the end of it?

  12. Matt says:

    I recently got this board. It rides exactly like the UnInc did. Mellow side cut. washes out on choppy conditions. however I must say that I love it. I am 5″10 185. I would recommend that you ride this board outside the weight range. If you ride it at the desired weight characteristics it will be too stiff. I am riding the 158 and I foresee this being a great jumping board. perfect flex for a kid wanting to step up his park game and not just rails. I think it will be a good Pow board as well and all mountain riding. I mainly ride bear out in CA.

  13. don karnage says:

    matt if you are 5″10 185, and riding the 158 you are riding with in the suggested weight class. . . .right? I don’t know so thats why Im asking. I am 180 5’12” and am enjoying the 152 in the park. . . .

  14. 5’12 don’t you mean 6 foot.

  15. Dan says:

    I bought this board for this season and have been out on it 6 times so far. And all I can say is I have no idea how this guy came to this conclusion, in my opinion it is probably the best board I have ever ridden. I agree with Matt you are way under the weight to ride the 158 if you like freestyle riding even the l52 goes from 115-165lbs. The ranges are so wide that its personal preference but if your complaining about the stiffness try a shorter board before you write a review on it. I’m 165lbs and I ride the 155, 23.5″ stance and it flexes like crazy, right outside your feet the perfect flex point. I agree this board is not for everyone its designed for a very good park rider who does more than little boxs and rails (remember its not some supper soft rocker), its for big tables. it wont Carve like a Custom X but it will hold an edge over anything. if your washing out you should get better before you ride this board.

  16. From Burtons website: 130-180 lbs. / 59-82 kg. That’s for the 158. Want to explain to me how I’m suddenly not in that weight range? I’m clearly in the middle of it that board should be a middle of the road flex. Then again it’s not like I know anything about snowboards nor know how to ride or how a board should flex and carve. Fuck I don’t even live on the side of a mountain with the best terrain park in the world. Holy shit.

  17. Dan says:

    ^^ Think about it for a second, your within the weight range for every size they make. so if you think the size your riding is to stiff why wouldnt you think to try a smaller one? Your using new k2 boots so they have the foot print reduction so there is no toe drag issue. Even Burton lists this as a soft camberd board, it may be stiff if your used to rocker. But obviusly if you like rocker you will hate this board.

  18. Those K2’s don’t have foot print reduction in them. I love how you base your facts completely out your ass.

  19. Andrew says:

    Just as a side note on weight. I’m 6’7” and 240, I ride a 161 un…inc and rip the hell out of everything while feeling perfectly comfortable on a tiny stick that I’m clearly out of the weight parameters for. Then again, there is no board that fits my height. I think it’s really up to what makes yah happy.

  20. Zaq says:

    What’s the truth about GoodWood?

    This is only my second season of snowboarding but I have noticed that their recommendations seem a bit arbitrary at times.

  21. It’s all about the money.

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  23. intermidiate Rider says:

    Help me here guys….

    I learnt how to Board out East (Quebec). The Board I have now is great for little snow and ice. I went to Whistler a douzen times last year and had a very hard time riding my current board. The Powder Condition were Amazing evertime I went. Clearly my board sucks for those conditions. I didn’t have any difficulty when I switched boards. Problem is i don’t remember the specs and which board i tested.

    The guy at my board shop told me this Mr. Nice Guy board is what i need for deep powder. From reading your post, this sounds faulse. I don’t spend anytime in the parks anymore.

    Any of you have any thoughts if i should keep this board or return it for another. If i should return it, you recomend any? I basically just need a board to ride in deep power and go off the odd small cliff, and also I spend alot of time riding the bowls.

    Any GOOD advice is appreciated. I’m humble and admit im intermidiate, so I don’t need any idiotic comments…..just looking for help.


  24. Ditch that Mr. Nice Guy and go get something directional, set back, and reverse camber.

  25. Paul says:

    Did you try the Parkitect angry?I’m between Parkitect and Joystick,maybe Process?Still I’m not a Burton 4 Life guy but just askin?I want something good to butter,forgiving and good at jumps and landings.I ride %70-60 park and %30-40 grooms and pow

  26. Unfortunately I have not.

  27. Paul says:

    Do you think 154 Joystick will fit me?I’m 141 lbs and 5″6″.I will grow up and I think in Burton line Joystick fits me really perfectly

  28. It’s going to be a little big for your size right off the bat but if you think you’re going to grow into it I say go for it.

  29. Paul says:

    what size do you reccomend man?I’m mainly in park and i dont want a dead board should i go with a 150 cm board?

  30. For more park riding go smaller for sure. I have about 30lbs on you and ride a 54 for park and some powder.

  31. Paul says:

    Thanks so much man

  32. ed says:

    I saw this on sale at the local shop and really like the graphics. I’m 5’6″ 155 lbs and currently thinking about replacing my 90’s gnu with burton mission and moto which I’d be switching to this board. I’m currently comfortable riding on greens and blues on the east coast. I do not do parks. Would you recommend this board for me ?

  33. Anything is going to be a step up from that Gnu.

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