2012 Bataleon Whatever Used and Reviewed

Our affiliate writer is back yet again with another board he was able to review. This time he took a Bataleon with their TBT for a spin. So Whatever this is here’s how he thought it rode on a cold wintery day at Winter Park.


Board: Bataleon Whatever

Size: 153

Camber Option: TBT

Bindings: Rome 390 Boss

Stance: 22.5in Goofy

Angles: 12/-12

Boots: Ride Phytop LE 9

My Weight: 145

Resort: Winter Park

Conditions: Freezer and crusty

Preconceived Notions: Asked for an ET but he didn’t have it. Said this was their quiver killer for 2012

Flex: Supposed to be even all throughout but it felt middle-park between the feet and softer outside.

Stability: All the stability I ask for from a park board. Felt great off jumps and I didn’t have to worry about the
board not handling higher speeds. Snapped well and felt great in landings. TBT is fun to jump.

Butterability: Buttered… different. TBT is super good for this cause of that bowl shape in your tips, but you take a different approach. You don’t have your contact points right there for you for fine control. It’s set up and commit. Maybe more time on it I could get that fine control back.

Cruising: Really fun to just ride around the mountain. Not the most damp and you could feel what was under you, but for me it wasn’t enough that it would ever bother me.

Jibbing: Super good here too. TBT is something to get used to for nose presses and 5-0’s, but it slid well and popped out nice.

Rider in Mind: Riders like me. To me it was too soft for bigger or even average riders as a quiver killer, but for smaller riders that is definitely what it is. For an average rider it would make a killer soft park or jib board.

Personal Thoughts: I spent more time on this board than any others at the on snow. It was just so much fun to ride that I didn’t want to give it back. It was one of those rare boards that popped enough for jumps but pressed like crazy and was just super easy to ride all around the mountain. One of my new favorites. Guys bigger than me will most likely find it too soft.

What They Say: Whatever the conditions, whatever the terrain, whatever your riding ability, it’s all good. In fact it is pretty fuckin’ awesome. Lightening edges, TBT enhanced power pop, lively flex. This board does it all and it does it all well. Whatever, whenever, wherever, this board will take it every which way, no worries.

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  1. JL says:

    Flex and camber profiles are different…but when comparing the Whatever to the Westmark which did you prefer?

  2. Kevy says:

    As far as performance goes I still prefer the Westmark (coming review on that eventually here from me) but for a spring lapper goof off board the Whatever was remarkably fun. Despite camber it was really playful, but if you don’t like TBT its obviously a no go. It’s just a very different ride than anything else. The Whatever–>Lazy days, Westmark–>Get shit done days. and I could still ride both everyday

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  4. Feldin says:

    Hey watsup
    Im 5’10” 150 pounds
    Im on the terrain park 80% of the time, hitting medium jumps and funboxes and some rails
    Mostly jumps though- i want a board i can learn to butter on and still jump likeni love to do.
    Any other suggestions tha thisnboard?
    Or is this board perfect for me

  5. I think you’ll be fine with this or you could look at the Global Warmer if you’re set on Bataleon.

  6. Feldin says:

    Hey thanks for answering my last q
    One last one though
    What size should i be riding?

  7. Kyle says:

    How does this board handle is deep pow? Does it have good float even though it’s a camber shape?

  8. Bend that back knee and prepare to work harder to stay on top.

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