2012 Bataleon Disaster Used and Reviewed

So you’ve now moved to the mountains and your life is in ruins cause you made every rookie mistake you possibly could. Well relax Bataleon has a deck just for you and even on that strict budget of yours you’ll be able to afford this and keep eating Ramen. Once again we shoved poor little Kevin out into the wicked colds of Winter Park to ride another deck and this is what he had to say about it.


Board: Bataleon Disaster

Size: 151

Camber Option: Traditional camber with their base triple base technology.

Bindings: Ride Rodeo

Stance: 22in Goofy

Angles: 12/-12

Boots: Ride Phytop LE 9.5

My Weight: 145

Resort: Winter Park

Conditions: Cold like bordering on sub arctic freeze you to death temperatures.

Preconceived Notions: None, I had never ridden TBT. The rep said this was one of the new models that had the newly designed Jib TBT.

Flex: Under mid-flex for a park deck but not a wet noodle.

Stability: TBT is something to get used to. It drives through a turn like camber but it’s a little loose otherwise. It couldn’t really “rail” a turn, the tail didn’t have enough to push into, but for a jib board it did average to well.

Butterability: TBT lets you just spin and spin and spin. Straight line butters were something to get used to. Since the TBT now goes all the way through the tip, when leaning back you don’t have your contact points to “steer” in your butter. You kinda have to let the board go where it wants.

Cruising: Once I got used to TBT’s dual loose/camber-tightness, it cruised really well. Slower speeds it drives between the feet and then in a turn it feels like regular camber.

Jibbing: Same as buttering, really good here. You do run into the same problem in straight 5-0’s. The TBT lessens the area that gives you stability in a press. Other than that it was great.

Rider in Mind: Jib kid or lighter park rider that’s looking for a catch free camber flavor.
Personal Thoughts: First time on TBT was a success. I like it, it might not be something I make my everyday board, but definitely something I would feel comfortable recommending.

What They Say: You know what they say about dogs looking like their owners? Well, if your job, wallet, paycheck, life, and relationship is a disaster then this is the board for you. It’s our more affordable jib board, getting your presses higher than your step-dads bong. Kick Fido to the curb this is your new best friend.

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