2012 Arbor Blacklist Used and Reviewed

In the last few years Arbor has managed to reinvent themselves by signing some solid riders, developing their System technology, and producing decks with graphics other than wood top sheets. It’s this new image that has allowed them to start making some amazing park decks. The Blacklist new for 2012 is one of those decks. This is the board hopes and dreams are solidified on. After two days of stunt sticking here’s how it stacked up.


Board: Arbor Blacklist

Size: 154

Camber Option: The Park System Rocker. Center reverse camber with added grip by not blending a tri-radial sidecut.

Bindings: Rome 390 Bosses

Stance: 22.5

Angles: 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Boots: K2 T1 DB

My Weight: 160

Resort: Breckenridge

Conditions: Sunny bluebird spring conditions that start with firm snow in the morning and soft slush in the afternoon.

Preconceived Notions: The first time I saw this board it stood out to me as being something new in Arbors line up and that I should ride it.

Flex: Slightly softer tips with a bit more stiffness between the bindings making it one of those solid twin park flexes.

Stability: I never once had an issue when charging through the spring mashed potato snow or the crazy ruts at the bottom of all the park jumps.

Ollies/Pop: Great snap off jumps, rollers, and lips. I’d say the Westmark has more snap but over all this deck still pops how you would want a park deck to.

Butterability: The slight blunted shape coupled with the slightly softer flex really lets you get down with playing around on the snow.

Cruising: The Griptech holds on edge better than some other companies sidecuts that utilize pronounced bumps. It’s location right under foot lets you ride like you’re on a skateboard. Railing hard turns isn’t an issue and leaving trenches in your path of destruction is do able.

Jibbing: The sweet spot on this board is massive. You can lock into a press with no issues at all. The softer flex gives you enough room to play around as much as you want.

Rider in Mind: Park guy that’s going from jumps to jibs and still playing around on the rest of the mountain. Great for a person with a bigger hoof as it’s a mid-wide.

Personal Thoughts: Hands down this is the best board I have ridden to date. In the Arbor line up I’ve found a new personal favorite that now tops my list of all time top 10 decks. From the first run it was like riding a board I’d been on for days. I could press, jump, play around, and still not feel like the board wasn’t enough to take elsewhere on the mountain.

What They Say: Powerful versatility in a mid-wide rocker package; the Blacklist is ideal for a park driven approach to any mountain or manmade terrain; bank on big return and the durability and control needed for technical tricks, big landings, and risky ventures…

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  1. Sierra says:

    I know I’m setting myself up, but I’ll ask anyway..what are your top ten decks to date?

  2. Sierra says:

    C’mon…I double dog dare you!

  3. There’s that one that was from that company, then that other one from that other company that had that thing in it, oh plus the one with that logo that had that shape and that pop.

  4. fattrav says:

    Your know your into snowboarding when you have a K2 door mat.

  5. skeezy steez says:

    Where does the evo rank?

  6. skeezy steez says:

    Any idea of the price point on this stick?

  7. What kind of rank do you want to know about the Evo? Also I think this is like 450ish but not too sure so don’t quote me on it.

  8. skeezy steez says:

    On your top 10 all time decks list… I am assuming those are park decks.

  9. skeezy steez says:


  10. jrv says:

    Is the Blacklist basically the mid wide version of the Westmark? If so, what would you say makes you favor the Blacklist over the 2011 Westmark. Thanks!

  11. It’s similar to the Westmark but has a slight different ride to it which makes it better.

  12. JR says:

    Based on your demo, would you in any way recommend this board for “all mountain” use if someone wanted a more playful board or would you say this is more focused towards strict park riding?

  13. I was dropping 10 foot cliff drops with it the other day and riding all over A basin. It’s a twin board with a park orientation don’t let it stop you from taking it all over the mountain I know I do.

  14. JR says:

    I have an opportunity to get either the 11 Westmark (similar to 12 Blacklist) or 11 Coda for a really good price. I don’t ride in the park but I like to play in the trees and do playful stuff all over the mountain (except park) as I continue to progress in my riding. I was initially leaning towards the Coda but I am now 50/50 between the two boards. I already have the 09 Element (camber). Which board of the two boards would you recommend? Thanks!

  15. If you’re not going in the park go with the Coda it’ll be fine for what you want it for.

  16. Deez says:

    So if you don’t have big hoofs do you still recommend this over the westie? Or is it a wash

  17. It’s not that wide of a board in my opinion. Kevin that helps me with the site has a size 9 low profile boot and rode it and said he didn’t even notice an issue with it.

  18. Andie says:

    How would this stick handle (40-70’feet jumps) ?

  19. Biggest I hit was like 40 to 45 feet. But it’s a solid deck geared more for jumping than being a noodley jib stick.

  20. Andie says:

    Already love the idea of this board, especially since more reviewers are saying this maybe the bomb of the year. Kinda sucks it’s mid-wide, since im packin 8,5.. i’d probably be owned by the board. BUT stoked to try it!

  21. Don’t let the mid wide thing fool you. Kevin that did some product reviews for me rode it with a 9 and had 0 problems with it.

  22. Justin says:

    I just purchased a Bataleon Evil Twin and now I read reviews on this deck! Is this board on the market yet? If so, where can I find one?

  23. You might see it in the southern Hemisphere but up here it won’t arrive in stores till like September.

  24. Sierra says:

    If you had to ride only one board all season and your choices were the Rome Artifact Rocker from last year or this one, which one would you go with?

  25. I have this one and I am riding it.

  26. Bent says:

    Ive been on a Revolver for the last couple of yrs. I liked the board overall but I want something just a little more pressy. Ill be in the park 95% of the time. How would this one compare to the revolver for straight park riding?

  27. More pop with a different shape that has a sweet spot for pressing. This is my board of choice for 2011/2012 season.

  28. Escaped says:

    Does arbor do anything similar in the 162w-164w range? Coming from a 164 k2 TD.

  29. I think the Westmark comes in a 61 I’d pop over to their site and see what it says.

  30. Escaped says:

    Yeah they must not have 2012 sizes up yet as 59 is the biggest and nothing in the system range goes over a 256 waist.

  31. Lem says:

    Here’s the 2012 Arbor catalog in Russian. The sizes are listed on there, but I don’t know if those are the final specs.


  32. Jimmy L says:

    Is this wide enough for 11,5 US or do I need to go for a full wide board?

  33. Rick B says:

    on a scale of 1-10, how flexible was this board? 1 being an absolute noodle and 10 being immovable. Is it easy to butter on this board or is it more jump orientated?

  34. Did you not read the review it gives the information you need. Also I don’t put fucking stupid ass unquantifiable numbers on to anything so I will rate the flex as E!%^78!!!!!G.

  35. mark k. says:

    do you know if size 13 boots would fit on the 157?

  36. Yeah I don’t think it would be a problem.

  37. Jeremy J. says:

    Finally hanging up my old camber and i hear this is one of the best boards out there. Fits my style just wondering how it handels speed. If I bomb down the hill well it hold an edge? Or should i find a hybrid?

  38. tomas says:

    Thinking about retiring my old salomon grip and have narrowed down my search for a new board to this and the Rome Reverb rocker. Is it a no-brainer?

  39. Both are fun boards but each rides different than the Grip. I’d say the Blacklist would be closer to how the Grip has that 10cm’s of flat then rockers up.

  40. tomas says:

    I’m not necessarily looking for a board that rides the same as the Grip, just one that’s as much fun!
    I’m leaning towards the Rome since it’s $120 cheaper. Thanks for your advice as always.

  41. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the Rome it was fun.

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  43. […] of this video but now after basking in its glory I can say it sucks like everything else they do. The Angry Snowboarder Blog Archive 2012 Arbor Blacklist Used and Reviewed I say go 54 if you want it to be more playful. […]

  44. JV says:

    So the 160 in the Blacklist is likely to be more stable and maybe better in powder days? For a bigger guy (210 pounds), would a 157 be more playful, yet handle pow days fine?

  45. Well ability will play into that as well. But the center reverse will make it easier in the pow.

  46. Mike says:

    As far as flex, which board is softer; blacklist or evo/revolver? Trying to decide which one is gonna hold up better for the whole mountain for a heavier rider.

  47. Well the NS have 5 layers of glass while the Arbor has 3 big thing to consider there. Then add center reverse only on the Arbor and R.C. Tech on the NS so the flex patterns are different.

  48. AJ says:

    Ok. I’m 5’10 175lbs. Size 9 boot. I’m am one point away from pulling the trigger on the Blacklist or the 2012 Evo. They both sound like the board for me. I NEED to know, since you have rode them both and they don’t do demos here in Canada, which one is softer? I read your review, just please let me know from your experience. Which is more all around fun in your opinion. There is just so much great reviews about the EVO and not so many Blacklist as its only new this year. I currently ride a forum destroyer and just want a more playful deck. Much appreciated

  49. Lets put it this way dude I owned both of these I don’t have the Evo anymore.

  50. AJ says:

    Appreciate the response. I know the flex pattern is different with these two boards, but would you say they are very close with regards to stiffness? I know you don’t put numbers on flex (i agree with that) but I have no way of finding out before I purchase. Is the evo a softer flex? I’m leaning towards the blacklist if I can get one in Canada, but the flex is my biggest concern. I don’t want a stiff board. I already have that.

  51. They’re both mid stiff. Here’s the difference the construction being that it’s two different factories. The Evo will lose pop and break in and just sort of be there while from what I’ve seen with nearly 60 something days on the Blacklist it’s still got snap but I can press it. Honestly dude get the Blacklist it is hands down the best board I have ever ridden in my life and that says something because I have ridden a shit ton of boards.

  52. AJ says:

    Once again, thanks for the response. I think you just tipped the scale in the blacklist favor. It’s even a better price point for me. From what I have read, my size 9 boot should not be an issue with a 1cm wider waist. Thanks man, glad I came across your site and keep up the good work. Very helpful site. Cheers

  53. Lukass says:

    nice review guys! I was thinking of getting a zero camber board because that would be a nice playful in between feeling. For all around park I’ve been disappointed with Reverse Cam boards as they wash out a little 2 easy. And reg cam boards are just a little 2 catchy for me when riding park . Cant wait 2 try out arbor, sounds like they might have hit the nail on the head with this one!

  54. ty says:

    Since i cannot demo either the blacklist or the revolver i was just wondering if the blacklist is really that much better compared to the revolver in terms of jibbing and jumping…. I was going to get the 154 blacklist but with a boot size of 13 (may be able to fit a 12) i think the 155 revolver would be a better fit. Any thoughts?

  55. ty says:

    I would rather get the blacklist for sure, but can i fit size 12 boots on the 154 blacklist? i think the waist width is 25.85cm thats my only concern.

  56. Do you mount your binding in the dead center of a snowboard? I’m guessing that’s a no right? Look more at the nose/tail widths and how wide your stance is that’s going to tell you right there whether you can or can’t ride it.

  57. Robin says:

    I’m having trouble choosing between the westmark (153) and the blacklist (154)

    I have a size 10 hoof, weigh about 160lbs, and I’m 1m80cm high (sorry, I’m European, so don’t know how many ft or inch that is…)

    I ride a 162 arbor a-frame, and a 158 arbor ellement (obviously depending on where I’m boarding and how aggressive I want to go). And I’m looking for a more freestyle oriented board (which would also be my first rocker).

    So what would suit me best? As I hear that the blacklist seems to be a hair softer then the westmark…
    (P.s. obviously I’m a big fan of Arbor…)

  58. We’re about the same size you can pull off the Blacklist no problem.

  59. Robin says:

    Okay, thank you for the fast reply.

  60. Alistair says:

    Hey, I’m going to demo a K2 Parkstar tomorrow then started reading about your thoughts on Arbor boards.

    The last board I bought was was the glow in the dark Burton (Michi Albin) from 2003 and its time to admit I will be farting around on pistes and parks more than powder. I’d like to hit some flatland 360s before I’m 30 and that was 7 years ago..

    I’m 5’10” and 175, US 10.5 feet. Seems the Blacklist is a slightly wider Westmark but my board is narrower at the waist than the Westmark (!) and doesn’t seem to be a problem, though my stance will change of course. I can get a 56cm Westmark from last year at steep discount.. is there a flaw in my plan d’yer think?

    Thanks for reading, website is super helpful

  61. Save the coin get the Westmark for sure. It will fit what you’re looking to do on a snowboard.

  62. Alistair says:

    Thank you angry, its morning here in the UK so I’ll let you know once I’m done. Really appreciate your time.

  63. Alistair says:

    Tried a K2 Parkstar and a Libtech Skate Banana as I’ve never ridden a rocker board. Long story short the ’11 Arbor Westmark is on its way as I write. Can’t wait, should be a load of fun. Thanks again for the input.

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  65. James says:

    Was wondering how this compared to the westmark.. Its between those two and the rome mod rocker and reverb rocker. Mostly park on pow days i ride pow. In park i do most all boxes most all rails and im trying to start hitting 40+ jumps.. What do you think?

  66. Westmark is essentially the narrow version of this board but there’s a bit less stability due to being narrower in my opinion.

  67. James says:

    Hmm alright. I wear a size 10 boot but its reduced signature.. I’ve never ridden a mid-wide before, but the way your putting it I think I’m going to try. Would my foot be able to handle the 154?

  68. Yeah shouldn’t be a problem.

  69. Troy says:

    Ok I’ve narrowed my search down to two, the westmark 153 and the blacklist 154 I have a size 10 reduced sig boot but will also have a regular 10.5 boot.. I weigh 165 and am 5’9 ish I ride mostly park and pow, consisting of most/all jibs and boxes and jumps up to 65ft. I’m stuck mid decision.. What do you think angry?

  70. Troy says:

    Hmm alright I was confused because I wanted something I could really whip around spins out of and on to jips, and I wasn’t sure how the mid wide would do. But thanks man

  71. Jon says:

    Hi Angrysnowboarder,

    I am contemplating between the Arbor Blacklist or Rome Reverb Rocker. I do both grooming/mountain and park about equally. I was wanting to know which held a better edge and the flex level between the two. Lastly, I am 5’8 at 160 lbs. Would the 154cm suit me for both grooming and park?

    Thank you for your time in advance.

  72. Blacklist has griptech under foot so added contact right there. They’re pretty similar in flex. 54 is fine.

  73. Jon says:

    Thanks for the advice. The two boards mentioned seems like they are similar in terms of flex and park/moutain usage other than the rocker hybrid profile on the Reverb Rocker. Did the rocker profile on the Blacklist seem to wash out on higher speeds or bigger jumps?

  74. I was hitting 40ish foot jumps with it no problem. Honestly up until about a week ago it was my do everything board then I obliterated it on a failed tap 180 out. Best board I’ve ever owned to date.

  75. […] forgotten more about riding and board tech than most of will ever learn and happens to weigh 160: The Angry Snowboarder Blog Archive 2012 Arbor Blacklist Used and Reviewed Is that a good thing? […]

  76. Diego says:

    Hey, i know i want a blacklist but i dont know if i should go with the 154 or size up to the 157. This is going to be my first year in the park (not first year snowboarding). My one concern is that this board wont float in pow on the occasional pow days

  77. Vague questions get vague answers. So my answer is sure.

  78. Diego says:

    Let me rephrase. Is the 154 too small for powder? i weigh 155 lbs

  79. Nope I do fine on it at 165lbs.

  80. Drew says:

    I’m 5’8″, 145lb, size 8 boot, on the Ice coast, use the entire hill. 153 Westmark or 154 Blacklist? Think my foot and and size kinda keeps me on the 53 Westmark or with the Ice should I be looking elsewhere?

  81. For that small of a foot Westmark is definitely better.

  82. Anti hero says:

    Dude you hopped on the Rome mod rocket yet? You may have new favorite. “it’s alive”.

  83. Got a few crappy laps in negative 40 degree weather on it and decided it wasn’t fair to the board so never chased after reviewing it. 2013 gear is slowly starting to arrive.

  84. casperek says:

    Hey Angry,

    Just as I thought I had a couple boards in mind, this one comes up. I ride all mountain (50% park 50% groomers). I’m looking for a board that can HOLD an edge cruising down groomers and still perform in the park, whether its jumps or rails. Not much into butters or presses. Having said that, would you take the Blacklist over these:

    Lib Tech (T-Rice or TRS)
    Ride Machete
    K2 Fastplant

    5’10, 165lbs, size 9 boot, Raiden Zero Bindings…westmark over blacklist?

    I appreciate your time and happy new year bud!

  85. There all different flexes and cambers. I would go Westmark.

  86. casperek says:


    i’m really not diggin’ the wood grain graphics on the westmark. would it be ridiculous to take the blacklist over the westmark just for this reason? obviously i don’t need a mid-wide, but would it slow me down in the park (jumps/rails)…thanks again

  87. spray paint and stickers if you’re really that hung up

  88. Darius says:

    Dude THANK YOU for this review! Blacklist is SICK.. And guys, I’m size 6’2 216 pounds size 12 boots and I went with 157. Just came back from Jackson Hole and I had a blast on it… No matter what I threw at it… It destroyed it ALL!

  89. GazUK says:

    Hey AngrySnowBoarder. Great review and pretty honest, unlike those punks at Boardinsiders! I have size 14US feet, i want the Blacklist but i worry my feet are too big for it and i hate toe and heel drag. I like park but i also like bombing and carving so will this be ok to get a good carve on?

    My stance is 24inches so i think the tip/tail is more important but even so will the griptech be right under my feet and make the difference?

    Otherwise i think i might go for the 161 Reverb Rocker, which seems to be your second fav board at the moment. Would that actually be any thicker considering its tip and tail are only 1/2mil bigger?

    Thanks in advance.

  90. Eh that’s a tough one. In my opinion you really need a wide snowboard something that has like a 26 plus waist. The 160 Blacklist does have this and I’m guessing if you’re looking at the 61 Reverb then you are looking at the 60 Blacklist.

  91. GazUK says:

    Hey thanks for the reply ASB. I know i defo need a wide and i currently have a 26cm wide Westmark but i just wondered if with the blacklist being 261.4 wide and a tip/tail at 30.83cm and griptech whether it would be enough. Oh and i am defo in for the 160 Blacklist and i meant to say that i would be going for the Reverb Rocker Wide not standard! I know i need a wide but is the Blacklist wide enough? Says on its site that it is for feet up to 15 but i find that a little dubious.

    Otherwise the Nitro Team Gullwing is 266 and 311 at the waist and tail respectively so that is my plan c after Blacklist and Reverb Wide.

    Any opinion?

  92. At 24 inches you need to be looking at the tip/tail width as you’re farther out on the insert pack. I think you can get away with it with minimal over hang but you know your boots and angles better than myself.

  93. GazUK says:

    Thanks, i appreciate it. I know you get no end of stupid questions from idiots like me so apologies. I have Vans Encore Boa (which i love btw) which have quite a small footprint (seem to be the same as my friends F series US13) and i ride +15 -15 but didn’t think the angle would make all that much difference as the furthest point of my boot would still be similar no?

    Anyway, understand if no further comment is necessary, i wouldn’t want to make you angry ;)

    Thanks for your reviews!

  94. Angles, width, boot size/tech, bindings all come into play. You can offset the toe over hang by pushing the heel back more if you need be. It’s something to play around with but I think you’ll be fine on the 60.

  95. GazUK says:

    Thanks Angry, appreciate it. I will now wait a couple of weeks for the sales to kick in, i hope, and then get th Blacklist with the Reverb as the backup if a stonking deal comes along!

    Thanks for everything!

  96. Euge says:

    Hey Angry,

    thought I should switch this to the blacklist comments :)

    I’m searching around for a blacklist 154. 6’0 91kg or just on 200lbs. The arbor site rates 154 max weight at 194lbs or 88kg (it seems I fluctuate a little :)) I was keen to keep rotation & pressing as easy as possible as i think my 161W K2 TD has felt like a truck but great for charging.

    Would you foresee any problems or should I really be aiming for a 157 as it won’t be much difference.

    any guidance appreciated.
    Wish they had demo days here in Aus!


  97. Your call on that one.

  98. Medeenz says:

    What’s the difference btw this board and the Westmark? All I do is ride park rails to 40 ft kickers, which would you think?
    If I have a size 9 boot would it be better just to go with the Westmark since it is not a Mid Wide board?

  99. You answered your own question.

  100. Medeenz says:

    Lol thanks. Since I can’t demo these decks or have the luxury to have the companies send them to me, do you think since I only have size 9 boot I would even tell the difference between a mid wide board and a normal width board? If so what would be the difference. Sorry just curious since I just have to buy it and trust your opinion. No pressure.

  101. When you go to mid wide you get more surface area and that can be personal preference. I like a mid wide with a 10 boot it’s just easier to land with in my opinion more fun on jibs. For you probably not going to be the best.

  102. DannyBick says:

    Hi Angry, I’m currently in the process of whittling a couple of thousand board choices down to one. I had almost decided on the Arbor formula 2012 having read your review on that, however having read this review on the Blacklist I am undecided again. Mainly due to time of year, but also location and local store stock, i cant demo boards therefore i ask for your advice.

    This will be my first board, consider myself an early indeterminate, only started this beginning of this year and been using rentals at the indoor snow dome here (chillfactore manchester, UK). Wanting a board i can use across the whole mountain (for when i go on my first winter trip) but want to be able to freestyle – teach myself, and ride switch. I am around 5 foot 7-8″ 155lb, size 8 feet. I have thirtytwo lashed ft boots.
    Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks

  103. You have a size 8 that Blacklist will be too wide, go with the Formula or maybe a Westmark instead.

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