100 Days of Review Recap

100 days straight of product reviews, what can you say about that? Well seeing as that’s almost a third of a year I can say personally thank god it’s over with. Here’s a recap of every product that was ridden for the upcoming 2012 season organized by category and product type. This fall look for the full comprehensive product break down.

All Mountain:
Niche Aether
Marhar G-Quest
Signal OG
Ride Arcade UL
Technine Cam Rocker
Technine T-Money
Lamar Cranium
Never Summer Proto CT
Arbor Wasteland
Burton Sherlock
Salomon Mans Board
K2 Happy Hour
K2 Lifelike
K2 Protohype

Automaton Extra Dangerous
Automaton Endangered
Technine Team Kennedy
Technine Icon
Technine Mascot
Technine IX
Signal Park Rocker Lite
Signal Yusaku Park
Never Summer Evo
Smokin Buck Ferton
Smokin MIP
Flow Verve
Nitro Rook
Nitro Rook Factory
Nitro Swindle
Nitro Kooley Pro One Off
Ride Buckwild
Ride Kink
Burton Hero
Burton Mr. Nice Guy
Bataleon Fun.Kink
Bataleon Whatever
Bataleon Disaster
No Way! Catalyst
Forum Destroyer Doubledog
Rome Reverb Rocker
Rome Reverb
Rome Factory Rocker
Arbor Formula
Arbor Blacklist
Arbor Relapse
Arbor Del Ray
Arbor Westmark
Lamar Volt
DC Ply
K2 Fastplant
Salomon Drift Rocker

Venture Helix
Arbor Roundhouse RX
Arbor Roundhouse CX
Arbor Element CX
Arbor A Frame
Ride Highlife

Ride Slackcountry UL
Rome Notch
Flow Solitude
Salomon Powder Snake

Never Summer SL X
Venture Odin

K2 Hurrithanes
K2 Nationals
K2 Company
K2 Cinch CTX
K2 Auto Uprise
Technine Mass Appeal
Technine Element
Raiden Phantoms
Raiden Zero
Ride Rodeo
Ride Capo
Ride Maestro
Burton Malavita EST
Burton Cartel EST
Forum Republic
Flux TT30
Flux DS 30
Salomon Chiefs
Salomon Arcade
Rome Mob
Rome 390 Boss
Spark Burner
Spark Blaze

Drop Helio
Spy Trevor
Smith I/O

Aerial 7 Phoenix
Aerial 7 Sumo Amp

Aerial 7 Sound Disk Beanie
Cam Caddie Scorpion Bundle
Spark LT Pin
Karakorum K Clips
Nice Rack


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  2. Twin says:

    Thanks for all the hard work, i read every one of em =)

  3. e says:

    just curious, no crapita?

  4. Jon K says:

    Holy shit a metal unicorn!10 die-cuts and a t-shirt please. Thank you.

    Oh and the reviews were alright too.

  5. txester says:

    No nidecker-yes-jones ……. only your fucking american brands jajja nice

  6. Tell you what why don’t you email their U.S. distributing guy and see if you can actually get through to him. Guys fucking worthless.

    Oh and Crapita I’ve got a priceless email that said “fuck off” cause they weren’t interested. Awesome public relations over there let me tell you.

  7. Snowfox says:

    Any chance you’re going to do an editorial about the email in question by chance? Would be a fun read I feel, haha.

    (Also, push for Sentury)

  8. There’ll be a nice lil mention of it down the road probably. I could have gotten a Sentury if I had called the owner but I was overwhelmed at the time and just said fuck it.

  9. knight says:

    sad to see no coda but great reviews of the stuff you did have

  10. e says:

    It is impressive, that’s a crap load of board to test & write pretty indepth reports about, add to this that you(& interns) spent some actual time on each board. I don’t think people know how much work goes into this.

  11. There were no changes to the Coda so they didn’t send me one.

  12. […] The Angry Snowboarder Blog Archive 100 Days of Review Recap has reviews for both boards. I haven't tried the Blacklist yet, so I can't compare. […]

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  14. Sierra says:

    I thought I see what you thought about this idea and you can take it for what you will…You should have a list of the all-time best snowboards, say like the top 10, 8,7..whatever you wanted. This would work in 2 ways. One it would piss off all the other magazines for undermining their annual selections and 2 It would piss off all the marketing people from other board companies for calling them on their BS and keeping them honest at the same time. The way it works is have like a static top list…if you’ve tested a deck that takes out one of the boards from that list so be it…Basically it would be as if you were setting the bar for the next best board to come along. Every year new boards come out and seem to make last years decks obsolete which in a way is kind of sad. There are still great decks out there from last year or the year before, but nobody will know since its all been washed over by the latest decks of the coming season lineups….anyway, like I said – do with what you will with this information.

  15. I have something real big coming for 2013 that could change the industry.

  16. yotonic says:

    Hey El,

    What were your top three park boards for pop?


  17. Arbor Dely Ray, Technine Camrocker, Forum Destroyer DoubleDog were up there and I’m sure there’s a few others that stand out. I’m going to have a whole break down kind of comparing boards by price point next month so look for that.

  18. jones says:

    i would by a NW! if there was snow where I lived

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  20. doug says:

    dude take that 100 days of review unicorn whipping a rainbow around and chuck it onto a board pleassssseeeeee

  21. hhaidar says:

    I agree with the poster who said people don’t understand how much work goes into this. Insane compilation.

  22. […] didnt work out for me..oops…still rode it… just wasnt the right one…. good luck! check out The Angry Snowboarder Blog Archive 100 Days of Review Recap sounds like you want all mountain, but i'm sure that several of those park boards will have gotten […]

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